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  • SmE Block
    SmE Block is a lite script to your block a ips to access your content , install is very easy simple add include("sme_block.php"); in your php pages
  • VIG IP Tracking System
    VIG IP Tracking System is developed to help you monitor your server activities. It will log valuable information about each visitor who comes to visit your website (IP, Proxy, Host, Referrer, Browser). It does not require a database, so the installation and setup is extremely easy. VIG IP Tracking System comes with an IP tracker, which can easily be included into your page(s). The admin section offers you various options which can be very helpful if you need to track down or block an IP address.
  • Protect/Encode Your PHP source code - FREE
    Encode your PHP source code online. (based on base64() encoder GPL) FREE ONLINE SERVICE
  • Secure multi user log in
    I wrote this script in an effort to help avoid the "security by obscurity" issue. You see...even though log in scripts require you enter a name and password in order to view a particular resource once the location of the resource is known the visitor can bypass the normal log in procedure and just go straight to the "secure" page. How the script works: 1) When the user logs in and his username and password have been verified his username is logged to a file then he is redirected to the "secure" page. 2) As soon as the "secure" page loads it opens the log file to see if a valid user name is found. If so it will erase the log and then display the protected page content. The reason the script wipes the log clear is so no one (including the original visitor) can access the page again without re-logging on. 3) If someone tries to go directly to the "secure" page without signing in the script will read an empty log and display an error to the visitor. *NOTE: The user.log file will have to have read/write permissions in order for the script to work.
  • Password Protect Pages/Files and Directories - FREE
    This very easy to use script allows users to log-in and log off to certain pages and/or directories. System uses sessions and/or cookied for tighter security. NEW UPDATES: * Script can read users from a database. * Script can read users from a PHP file, very easy to modify
  • user login - Freeware
    Make PHP generated web content available only to your users! I derived this function from some PHP code that I used on the administrative portion of my database driven sites. userLogged() returns true if the cookies named UserName and PassWord exist in the MySQL database as a pair. If not, it displays the content of $LogInPage.
  • PHP Protect Plus - Free (Freeware)
    Protect your html and php files with username and password . A single php file. Needs MySQL database .
  • Link Mask
    The 1st Anti-Leech Script in the World !!! ............................................ Link Mask can protect your site (links/files/images..... etc) from leeching ! , Also because Link Mask works on any link , so you aren't limited with folders any more.
  • Registration script - Free
    This is the new version of my registration script. It has many new features: Email verification Handy installer Seperate files Increased security and many more!
  • txtAuth
    Protect pages without having to mess around with .htaccess or complicated scripts. txtAuth allows you to protect unlimited individual pages with their own username / password combinations and custom descriptive texts. It supports "remember-me" cookies so that users don't have to log in again on their return.
  • .htpasswd Maker - GPL
    This script will generate an encrypted password for .htpasswd and .htaccess files
  • MySQL Login - Freeware
    Make PHP generated web content available only to you! I derived this function from some PHP code that I used on the administrative portion of my database driven sites. isLogged() returns true if the cookies named UserName and PassWord are not null, and successfully create a database connection when passed with the mysql_connect function. If not, it displays the content of $LogInPage.
  • randover a simple and free open source security system /product
    randover is a simple security system based on a simple algorithm and its free security system which can be used by anyone to login effectively
  • MX-Login - FREE (GPL)
    This php script will ensure safe login for users. This script uses smart encryption for user details and uses cookies to keep track and ensure authorized users only. The complex encryption which is used on the mySQL has been tested and so far I have NOT had any unauthorized access to restricted areas.
  • secure log in program - Freeware
    secure log in program. encrypt password before send and update key after log in. require mysql,php,javascript
  • IP,Browser + Time Logger
    Want to be able to log your visitor's IP address to secure your website from trouble makers and to make sure you can quickly get a visitor's IP addy to block them from your server if needed Well this is the script for you! It also tells you the visitor's Browser details and time of access!
  • phpGuardIt - Website Protection Tool - Freeware
    phpGuardIt is a small tool that webmasters can use to protect their website with. It comes complete with hostname banning, port scanning, and user bypasses. Along with these options, an admin interface is built in to optimize the functionality. Complete theme support with cascading style sheets (.css) and MySQL secure storage method.
  • FM Anti Leech Script - GPL
    This is a free Anti Leech script that I put together, to try and hide the real location of your downloads...and refer any leechers to a chosen error page...this will make it impossible to find the real location of your downloads..and so save you a lot of bandwidth, Only cost...please leave links to my site.
  • Check Password - Freeware
    Verifies that a given string is a good password. If it is a good password, the function returns an empty string. If it isn't, it returns a text string describing the flaws. The function is relatively permissive, but was written to take additional constraints.
  • PHPCoder Script Encoding/Compiling - BSD
    PHPCoder is a web based front-end to the Turck MMCache encoding functions, which are similar to the Zend Encoder product. PHPCoder enables you to encode your PHP scripts and applications into non reversible byte-code, thus preventing users of your programs from viewing or alterting the source code while having full functionality. Another excellent use for PHPCoder is to encode your applications PHP configuration files, that way someone viewing your source code does not see your databae login and password information. In addition to encoding PHP scripts PHPCoder allows you to set restrictions on the encoded scripts, you can lock a script to a particular server IP address, server host name, visitor IP, or even place a time limit on the script so it will expire after x amount of time. PHP Coder also allows you to specify Text, HTML or PHP code that should be prepended and appended to each file before it is encoded, allowing you to easily and securely implement your own licensing scheme.

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