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  • IP address hider
    Convert the dotted decimal ip address to an encoded ip address format. This may bypass firewalls and proxy servers and may able to browse anonymously. To hide the ip address, please paste the ip address in to the text box and click obfuscate button. You will get a long ip fortmated ip number. This can be used instead of the normal ip address in most cases. Protect your privacy, Be secure.
  • Online Web Security Test
    Very quick, complete and extremely easy to use. Make sure you're safe before you start surfing the web.
  • BFN Anti-Spam - free
    Special system designed to flood SPAM bots with hundreds of thousands of fake email addresses. 100 E-Mails per page, with a recursive link at the bottom to keep the BOT loading new lists. The recursive link changes randomly, so the BOT will never figure out its in a loop. Special encrypted message to notify your users whatĂs going on without jeopardizing the trap.
  • Junkeater Guestbook Spam Protection - free
    Junkeater is a remotely hosted service to protect guestbooks from spam entries. It is designed flexible to work with almost any guestbook script. It effectively protects against automated guestbook by using signature codes, keeping away most spam.
  • Secure-Mail - Free
    Uses MD5 for passwords and Triple DES for actuall encrypting. Encrypting and decrypting is happening on user machine, only cipher is sent over Internet. Requirements: Both sender and recipient must know password. Recipient must use IE to decode message.
  • Leech Buster - Free
    Leech Buster is a service that encrypts and protects source codes. It also provides a unique anti-leech option were users link directly to their files without any anoying page delays. Statistics is also supplied showing in depth results of how many people downloaded the file and how many sites tried to steal your link.
  • Crypto WebService - $60 per month
    Is your website secure If you don't employ encryption, or you employ a standard encryption method, your website may not be as secure as Fuzzel Fish's Crypto WebService can make it. Crypto WS works radically differently from standard encryption methods because it is a dynamic online web service, not a static, easily compromised, self-hosted encryption algorithm. Your webserver opens a secure connection to the Encryption Server, sends the text to be encrypted, and receives the encrypted text.
  • Input Validation Services - Free
    If your website allow users/visitors to post information for direct update, you're most likely familiar with the fact that sometimes people post text that you'd rather avoid having on your website. This service puts a "filter" between your input forms and your update-routine, to prevent words and sentences of an improper or adult nature from ever reaching your site. Setting up your form(s) to utilize the service can be done in less than 5 minutes.
  • Password Protection - Free
    Password Protection makes it so that you can have your own protected area to keep files in. The password protection system works on .htaccess files for 100% security. It provides you with a private directory and up to 300K to create HTML files. The first file is index.html and then page01.html, page02.html and so on. If the user enters an invalid username/password, they will not be allowed to enter the page, and will be taken to an error page.
  • Spam Protect - Free
    Protect your email address. Using a simple code you can fool email robots into not indexing your email address. The Spam Protect script allows you to hide your email address from spammers.
  • Anti-Spam - Free
    This free service allows you to redirect spammers' email harvesting robots to a page with a ton of fake email addresses. When a spammer's program comes by to collect email addresses, it will find the link to Anti-Spam. When it follows this link, it will find a hundred fake email addresses and index them. At the bottom of the Anti-Spam page is a link back to itself, slightly modified, so that 100 new email addresses come up. This puts the robot into an infinite loop collecting fake email addresses. When a spammer sends out a mailing, he will receive a ton of returned email.

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