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  • No right click version 3
    This is a no right click script that works in both IE and Netscape. When the visitor right clicks on your page an auto centering DHTML window pops up alerting them to the issue and displays a link to follow. Feel free to change this code to fit your needs.
  • JavaScript No right click script PLUS - Freeware
    This script will block BOTH I.E. and Netscape visitors from right clicking on your webpage and will pop up an alert box with a message that you choose. This script also has the option to close the window after the message. This script was tested in I.E. 6.0, Netscape 7.0 and Firefox 1.0. UPDATE: You know have the option to not display an alert if you choose.
  • No Select Text script
    Disable viewers' ability to select text on your page by installing this script. With it, dragging the mouse over text has no effect.
  • EasyFreeCrypt
    Encrytion of Strings with Javascript like ARCFOUR. but no trademark. Security requires that the key is used only once.
  • JavascriptDecoder - Free (GPL)
    JavascriptDecoder is a tool to easily decode obfuscated Javascript code (formats text with removed: spaces, tabs, new lines). It can also serve as a Javascript code beautifier and colorizer.
  • Character Encoder - Free (GPL)
    Encrypts a string by converting each character to it's ASCII key code. Supports two-way encryption - from a string to the numeric code, or from the numeric code back to the string. You can, for example, send the encrypted code to a friend and have them decode it with this script. Lots more uses, use your imagination!
  • Blowfish HTML Encryption - $15.00
    Creates extremely secure, password protected web pages with blowfish encryption. Once the correct password is entered, the pages can be deciphered with javascript in a standard web browser. Supports multi-page encryption, so a complete website can be password protected.
  • Stop the Spam-bots - Free
    This online tool generates some Javascript code that you can cut and paste into your HTML so that all those annoying spam-bots won't be able to harvest your e-mail address from your webpage. It writes your e-mail address to the browser but doesn't include your address in the actual HTML code. ** PHP and Python versions available. **
  • An Encryptor - Free
    This shows how to have a file create encrypted code. The output of this code can only be used by javascript enabled browsers. It is not a very secure method, but will keep most from finding your
  • Javascript and Html Source Encoding - Freeware
    An example of a simple JavaScript encoding of an html page. When the page loads you are prompted for a password. Enter the correct password and the page displays properly - enter the wrong password and you see only an "Invalid password" message. Viewing the source of the page shows only the encoded content. The encoding is fairly basic but should stop all but the most determined script thieves, spam-bots, or spiders. Tested in Mozilla on Linux, IE on Windows, and Safari on Mac.
  • Disabling the Right Mouse (Right-Click) Button - Free
    This script allows you to effectively protect your code from prying eyes by disabling the availability of the right-click context menu's View Source option in the browser.
  • Basic No-Right-Click Mouse Script - Free
    Easy, short, cut-and-paste header script that intercepts the mouse right-click event and shows an alert box instead, thus disabling it. Intended to provide simple limited protection for page images, etc.
  • Email AntiLeech - Freeware / 3.00
    This very simple yet original script prevents all softwares from grabbing email addresses from your site. It can be used with any automated script (e.g. forum, directory, etc.) to protect your visitors. It can also help you trace the culprits for further complaints.
  • Free Encryption Software - Freeware
    This encryption script make a series of consecutive encryption steps to ensure security. 11 key values are derived from a key sentence and used to hide all possible origin patterns. The encrypted result is a number raw string, which can be decoded for each one who knows the key sentence.
  • Encryption Algorithm Simulation Script - Freeware
    The algorithm is designed to transfer an encryption key between two parts electronically in a hidden fashion. This free test script simulate such an exchange beween two parts. It is written for the best owerview and understanding possible.
  • ExD'0r - 15USD
    ExD'or is a useful JavaScript application for encrypting and decrypting .txt files. It uses a 4-bit paradigm to convert any text string into a scrambled ASCII string. Using it you can easily protect your documents from being viewed from other people, because once encrypted a decryption key of your own will be required for the reverse process.
  • Source Code Encryption Wizard - Automated - Free
    Scramble the source of any chunk of code, or the entire webpage, using this creative script. The encrypted code will still be interpreted properly by the browser, just difficult for us humans to read.
  • Active Javascript Email and Link Encoder
    Many programs use your email addy for tracking referrals, the major problem with this is that your email is always on display to spammers. This application will 'encode' any link and is great to help 'hide' your referral codes and stop people from deleting your tracking ids. The code works by simply making it a hyperlink or pasting directly into the title bar.
  • Secure-mail - Free
    Uses MD5 for passwords and Triple DES for actuall encrypting. Encrypting and decrypting is happening on user machine, only cipher is sent over Internet. Requirements: Both sender and recipient must know password. Recipient must use IE to decode message.
  • XTORT CryptoManiac V5 - Freeware
    CryptoManiac uses str2hex(string) as well as Rot 13, two very simple yet effective ways to scramble text. It can also grab remote source to be loaded in your text editor. This isnt a highly secure method of hiding your source code or script for the reason that; the browser needs to parse the data in order to understand it. Therefore if the browser can read it, regardless of the format, it would be insecure. But what Crypto Maniac can do is make it an annoyance to peek at your code. It also grabs source code from the web.

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