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  • Searching with Index Server
    This article introduces MS Index Server on Windows 2000. The article guides you through setting Index Server up and then describes implementing it into web based search forms. Various options and fields for Index Server SQL statements are presented.
  • Site Search with Index Server 3
    This is a complete set of scripts to integrate a site search function with Index Server 3. The scripts assume that you've enabled indexing of the site, and enabled the indexing service itself - and of course that you're running Windows 2000 Server. If you don't have administrator access to the web server, you'll need to speak with your web hosting provider to ensure that it is set up.
  • Search your site
    Learn how to add the ability to search through pages on your site by storing keywords in a database table. This tutorial shows one server side include containing one function is all you need.
  • SmartSurf!
    If a user doesn't find what they are looking for in the first couple clicks, the majority of them will move on to greener pastures. So how do you give the user exactly what they're looking for? This tutorial will show you how. Full source code is also available for download.
  • Add Search Features to Your Site with FileSystemObject
    The FileSystemObject can provide a great search solution if your Web site is hosted externally and you have access to ASP but can't exercise much control over the server itself. Main topics covered: The Search Engine Components, Develop the Search Script, Handling the Results, and Reading in the Text Stream.
  • Search the Internet from your site! - Free
    A quick and easy way to add interactivity to your site is to allow your visitors to search the Internet. You can add any search engine to your site as long as they use a query string, here's how.
  • Implementing a Search Engine in ASP - Free
    As a web site grows, finding content on the site becomes increasingly difficult. To combat the difficulty of finding relevant information on a large site, many developers turn to writing a search engine for their site. This article discusses how to implement such a system using Active Server Pages and SQL Server.
  • ASP Database driven Search Engine Tutorial for beginners. - Free
    Step by step tutorial on creating a database driven ASP search engine from scratch. Important info for beginners on using ASP intrinsic objects and dealing with databases. Complete search engine available for download.
  • A Nifty Table Searching Script - Free
    This article shows a nifty little script, which, with just one ASP page, allows you to dynamically search a column in a table using a string comparison. This one script can be used over and over due to its dynamic nature. Hopefully this script will save you valuable time by cutting down on the often repetitive task of creating small, searching scripts.
  • webFind - Free
    This page explains how to take search form with multiple fields and use it to efficiently query your database for matching records.
  • A Text-Based Search Engine - Free
    Have you wanted to allow your users to search through your website, checking for files that contain a particular string? Using the FileSystemObject, you can search through all of the files in a particular directory that contain a particular string. To allow for this functionality, you will need two ASP pages: one that presents the user a form to enter the string they wish to search for; the second needs to take this string, iterate through all of the files in a particular folder, and determine which of these files contain the string. This tutorial shows you how.

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