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Search Projects & Source Codes:

  • Hyperseek
    Look at the website for more details on this script. Great searchengine with many many features including alias mail, and forums.
  • Smartsearch Feed Plugin
    Enhance your smartsearch search engine by adding paid results from! You get paid for every click on the results. Allfeeds has high bid prices and regular on time payouts. The results from Allfeeds mix in with your current advertiser results to boost your revenue. Works along side any other feeds/search engines that you already have installed. You can turn it on or off from your smartsearch admin panel
  • LookJunction
    Drive highly targeted traffic to your site for mere pennies per click with LookJunction. Register with LookJunction free and earn revenue by placing our search box on your site, by driving traffic to your portal page or by participating in's advertiser affiliate program. Affiliates earn 60%-90% of the bid revenue from specific countries. 5% of referred affiliate∆s earnings. 10% of every deposit made by advertisers referred by you. $15 minimum payout via PayPal, MoneyBookers or IntGold. Pays promptly.
  • DevCoder Search Directory
    Our Search Directory is designed to make your life easy while building your own massive keyword searchable directory. You can use the Admin Interface to build your directory easily.
  • Torrent spider and search engine - 500
    The spider checks web locations and selects all active torrent files storing them in a database. The search is performed by a searchengine which uses several criteria. The web frontend of search engine is customizable using existing templates. The results can be optionally displayed as XML/RSS for newscasting. The software always checks the urls of torrents and keeps only valid torrents. The spider has a simple and intuitive web admin which manages existing torrents in the database and allows adding/modifying the urls used for searching.
  • doGoogleSearch PERL Script - GPL
    A non-SOAP::Lite / non-XML::Parser doGoogleSearch Script (CGI/PERL) written in PERL for the popular doGoogleSearch method of the GoogleTM WEB API (SOAP API). This version does not use SOAP::Lite module or XML::Parser module. Instead it uses more simple subroutines written in a non-Object Oriented manner (when possible) so that everyone can make use of the doGoogleSearch method. Note, this script is restricted to the doGoogleSearch method only.
  • Pay Per Click Search Engine - Free/$99
    Create your own directory and pay per click search engine in minutes. Full featured directory and PPC, Multi-lingual, nested categories, template based, full accounting system, automatic payment processing, spider, banner sysytem, mailing lists, and hunderds of other features.
  • Directory and Pay Per Click Search Engine - Free/$99
    Create your own directory and pay per click search engine. SQL based, Multi-lingual, Bidding system, template based, accounting system, payment processing, paypal full integration, banner system, mailing lists, site builder, static pages builder, keywords center, and hunderds of more features.
  • Gogiga PPC script - Freeware
    The Gogiga Pay per click search engine script is a free download. It parses the XML output of and displays it in a user friendly format with bolded keywords. The search engine script is a very fast script, written in PHP. Any version of PHP should be able to run this script.
  • Simple Search Engine
    This search engine cgi script allows you to search any comma or tab delimited flat ASCII database file based on keywords entered on a simple search box. Search reports are controlled by Html templates. No knowledge on cgi programming is required.
  • To The Extreme: PPC, Directory and Web Search Engine (My SQL) - 99.95
    Make money by letting your visitors bid on keywords in your search engine. Includes full admin features, signup bonuses, adult filter, an affiliate program, and payments through 2Checkout, Click Bank and Pay Pal. Plus, run a full directory system with category editors and Sponsored Ad Boxes just like google! Uses the fast and efficient MySQL technology.
  • Another Pay Per Click - Monthly Contrct
    SBE Systems new Web Hosting package for all web masters. Fast, reliable and secure search engine script per installed on your server and you never have to worry about any programing at all. Oder it today start your very own Pay Per Click Search Engine and make lot os $$$$$
  • Smart Search - $69
    Smartsearch is a unique pay-per-click search engine. Users sign up and bid on for listings within your search results (they are ranked by highest bid per keyword). Money is deducted from their accounts every time their listing is clicked on (many popular PPC sites have many listings of $5 and up!) You can even backfill your search results with other ppc search engines and make even more money! Smart Search is absolutely perfect for small to medium size businesses, because of it's low requirements and incredibly low price. This script has become very popular on the Internet today. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if you find that more than 50% of pay-per-click search sites now use Smart Search. Everyone who buys this script makes their money back in a month, often less, that's what a quality product at an incredible price should do for your business. You will not be dissapointed. New features being added all the time. New feature: Smartsearch now supports e-gold payments and is more stable for larger sized sites.
  • InverseFlow PPC Search Engine - $174.96
    InverseFlow PPC Search Engine System is powerful, fast and secure. Refreshing the database, search results or admin area takes seconds, not minutes or hours. You will be able to monitor and administer your search results from your website in a password protected admin area. Powerful affiliate program allows you to integrate your affiliates website designs into the search results they will display. and integration. InverseFlow PPC Search Engine can download and integrate SearchFeed and ah-ha search results, and even pay your affiliates for traffic sent to these sites.
  • SearchSQL - Membership
    Full featured MySQL backed search engine. Simple installation - be up and running in minutes! MySQL database for maximum power and efficiency Fully automated Email verification before urls are added Optional reciprocal link checker Support for 'top sites' or paid listings Fully customizable page layout Easy installation
  • Platinum Pay Per Click Search Engine - 499.95
    Make money by letting your visitors bid on keywords in your search engine. Includes full admin features, signup bonuses, an affiliate program, category editors and payments through Click Bank and Pay Pal. Uses the fast MySQL database and is very easy to setup. Free extras include free web hosting, free updates, free installation and free support.
  • Search Engine Plus
    "Search Engine Plus" is a Web based search engine which can read and search any flat ASCII database file (csv format) exported from software such as MS Excel and MS Access using tab, comma or the pipe (|) character as the field delimitor. You can use this software to search any number of database fields. All search reports are controlled by Html templates.
  • Ascripts Meta Search Engine
    AMSE is a Perl/MySQL-based Meta Search Engine that crawls multiple search engines for results and displays them to your visitors. Layout fully customizable. Add search box or text links to your pages. Increase your website content value and earn additional revenue from clicks on PPC Search Engine results. Parallel fetching to increase speed, URL weighting for free engines.
  • Torrent Spider - 2500$
    Finding valid Torrents in terrabytes of information on the internet, the spider crawl around the web locating and verifying valid and active torrents recording them in a database. The result is displayed in a web frontend (searchengine) or optionally as RSS for newscasting. The engine later keep verifying valid torrents in the database, no hosting of torrents neded!
  • Smart Search Free - Freeware
    Smart Search Pro is our most popular script, and for a good reason. It let's you run a feature-packed, easy to use, pay-per-click search engine on your website for very little money. In fact, it's probably the world's most popular PPC search script for those reasons. The free version is meant as a demo to the full version; it allows you to see how the ppc system works on your website. Smart Search Free is based on an old version (v1.0) of the professional edition which we sell. This free version has only the basic features and has a link to at the bottom of pages. When you are ready to purchase the full edition of Smart Search, you can do so for only $69, and you will NOT lose your database when upgrading. Perfect for starters in the pay per click world.

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