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Title Screen Scrape Class
Platform Win NT, XP, 2000, 2003 - anything that'll run ASP
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Screen Scrape Class
Category ASP » Scripts and Components » Web Fetching
Hits 720
Description The Screen Scrape Class allows you to implement screen scraping (both "post" and "get") easily and with the minimum of hassle.


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Scripts Related to - Screen Scrape Class

Script Name


GrabNews is ASP code for 'grabbing' and displaying RDF/RSS/Atom feeds on a website, these can include news headlines or blog summaries. It utilises XSLT and a database to store and display all the information required. Has user-friendly error messages as well as a very basic add news links page. Requires MSXML3 and MySQL, MS SQL Server or Access databases.

ASP Stock Ticker

This is an ASP Stock Ticker program that allows you to enter stock symbols and scroll the current quotes. It combines ASP, DHTML, and COM to create a message while script is loading.


myLittleGrabber is a .wsc component which allows to easily grab web sites META information from ASP pages. myLittleGrabber is very efficient when you want to create web sites directories. With myLittleGrabber, you can grab Title, Description or Keywords META information in order to pre-fill your submit form. As myLittleGrabber is written as a script-component, you can use it even if you are not allowed to install component on your web server. myLittleGrabber is provided in source code format (JScript).

HAMweather 3 ASP

HAMweather is a free weather software package that can be used to add custom weather capabilities to your web site. These added weather forecasting abilities will provide the user interactivity you need to keep your web visitors coming back. HAMweather 3 is template based to allow easy customization to match your web site and can provide weather data for the US, Canada and hundreds of locations around world.

News Connect

News Connect allows you to list the news from anywhere in the world on your own web site. No preferences to edit, just upload the files. Over 4,500 news sources updated continuously. News Connect includes: Top stories news; World news; U.S. news; Business news; Science and technology news; Sports news; Entertainment news; Health news; Images remotely hosted; Text only news included; Full news stories.

Weather Connect

List the weather from anywhere in the world on your own web site easily with Weather Connect. Simply edit the preferences (anyone can do this) and upload the files. All you need to have is a U.S. zipcode, Canadian postal code, or name of any city in the world. You can choose to display up to 10 days of forecast.

Horoscope Connect

Provide horoscopes on your own web site easily with Horoscope Connect. Simply upload the files and you are finished. Professional horoscopes provided to all your visitors. No maintenance necessary.


The component can be used to make a snapshot of a web page and save it in JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF image formats. It can also retrieve additional information from the web page like its text, title and real URL. WebSnapshot can set Internet Explorer client area and thumbnail dimensions.

eBay Auction Connect

Wouldn't it be great to list eBay auctions on your own web site Now you can easily with eBay Auction Connect. Simply edit the preferences (anyone can do this) and upload the files All you need to have is an eBay username. You can choose up to how many auctions can be listed per page. You can even edit the theme to match your website. Buy eBay Auction Connect now and start selling your eBay auction items viewable from your own website.

ASP Text Grabber

ASP Text Grabber is an ASP/XML script that will take text on any site and add it to your website. This script is less than a page long and will take less than 5 minutes to add to your website. It can grab specific content from a site instead of the whole page. This code uses ASP and Microsofts XMLHTTP Object.

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