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Title SPAds
Platform n/a
Price Free/Commercial
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - SPAds
Category Perl & CGI » Web Sites
Hits 641
Description SPAds provides over a dozen free and low-priced Perl Scripts that allow you to do business on the web and add functionality and excitement to your web site. Available programs include a few classified ads, shopping carts, chat script, form processor, Web search, link indexing and more.


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Scripts Related to - SPAds

Script Name

The Scripts Home

This site offers 10 free and low-cost Perl / CGI scripts for your Web site. Programs include virtual postcard, Web forum, news manager, chat script, classifield ads, voting booth script, Web search and more.

Splitinfinity Networks CGI Products

Splitinfinity offers over a dozen commercial CGI programs for your Web site. It provides such programs as image display, form processor, top sites, affiliate program, media content management, dating site program, and more.


Cache-22 offers a growing number of free Perl/CGI scripts for your Web site use. Currently available scripts include mailing list manager, file download system, date and time display, Web-based email sender, random generator, and more. It also offers a couple of free CGI hosting services.

lakeWeb's PERL Scripts

lakeWeb provides over a half dozen free and quality Perl/CGI scripts for your Web site. It currently offers classified ads, Web traffic analyzer, mailing list manager, autoreponder, and more.

Lyles Script Archive

This site/archive offers a variety of mostly free Perl scripts for your Web site. Programs include banner rotator, bulletin board system, top sites, interactive story, tell a friend, a couple of games, link trader, counter, clock, and more.

Ad Infinitum Web : Perl Case Studies

This site provides a number of helpful tutorials with source code for programming in Perl. Tutorials cover a wide range of topics from Perl basics to building various Web applications such as form processor, polls, guestbook, mailing list, user authentication, redirection, and more.

Online Arts

Online Arts is a leading developer of Internet software written in PERL. Their programs work on any Windows or Unix server, and also Shockwave compatible. It currently offers over 30 mostly commercial programs for general, business, and nonprofit Web sites.

The Master Series

The Master Series offers many easy to install and maintain CGI scripts written in Perl 5 for Unix. The collection includes site recommendation, form processor, mailing list manager, security system, error page redirector and more.

FTLS's Free Perl CGI Scripts offers over a dozen free Perl CGI scripts for you Web site use. Available scripts include counters, calendar, guestbook, form processor, Web traffic analyzer, banner ad advertisement, random image, text and link, text clock, and more. The site also features several Perl utility programs such as converters and a couple of Java programs.

Scripts by Tammie's Husband

This site offers various types of over 20 free CGI scripts written in Perl. Available programs are several form processors, chat script, shopping cart, site recommendation, several guestbooks, ad rotater, Web quiz, link indexing, redirection, file editor and more.

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