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Title RooFToP
Platform Unix
Price Free (GPL)
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - RooFToP
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » File Manipulation » File Management
Hits 528
Description RooFToP provides a complete web based FTP client solution. Currently features: Local Rename/Delete of Files/Directories, Remote Rename/Delete of Files/Directories, Local downloads to web browser, Local uploads to Remote Server, and Supports all JavaScript compatible browses with upload options.


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Scripts Related to - RooFToP

Script Name


QTOFileManager is a Web based file manager written in PHP. Features: Easy installation - Just drop the file in the base directory, Just one script file, Upload and delete files, Authenticate the user (optional), Edit a file (optional), Specify which file extensions can be edited, Add and remove directories (optional), Specify the max hard drive space allowed, Specify the max file size allowed, and Designate file names as being hidden.


Expow is a PHP script that generates directory indexes with file management functionalities. It can replace Apache directory autoindexer, generate indexes "on the fly", with visualization facilities and includes the file management ability. Viewing features: file listing in tables, tree view, frames(optional), intensive css and icon use, image preload, and Overlib support to preview thumbs of pictures. File management features: directory and file creation, file upload, url upload, and delete file/empty directory.


PHPBrowser is a small PHP script to browse in directories on a Linux file system. You can browse through all directories except the root directories. The navigation is easy with a simple web interface. All files (text, graphics, scripts) are downloadable. You can download all files in source format.


PHPFileExchange provides a web based file interchange system similar to that provided by and It features authenticated user login, user groups, read and write access control at the user and group level, user privilege levels, assorted logging options and a MySQL database backend. Files stored in the system are placed in folders, with the ability to create and remove folders. Access to folders may be controlled at the user and group levels.

FTP Script

Upload this script to your site, and you can login and move files to/from your server without using an FTP program. Especially useful behind a firewall which won't allow normal FTP access. To use this script, you must have PHP's FTP functions enabled.


This is a PHP application that lets you edit, browse, CHMOD, view, move, rename, copy, and create files/directories in any forms/tables enabled browser. (Option to create html skeleton-files.)

Owl Intranet Engine

Owl is a multi user document repository (knowledgebase) system written in PHP for publishing of files/documents onto the web for a corporation, small buisness, group of people, or just for yourself. Owl is written in PHP and stores its data in a MySQL database.


VFS (Virtual File System) is a Web-based system that allows authorised users to upload and download files. It is a file sharing utility aimed at communities that wish to share files across the Internet and where traditional mechanisms aren't appropriate or efficient. VFS tries to give users the ablity to share their files with exactly who they wish and to ensure that their confidential files remain confidential and other files are shared openly.


AnyPortal(php) provides file-system browsing of your web site from anywhere via the web. You can upload, download and modify pages as well as get information about the files on your webserver. It is perfect for maintaining a collection of small pages, e.g. personal information, or for fixing typos.

Web Directory Toys

This is an Apache mod_autoindex modification to make IIS style directory listings (but, better) and a PHP3 script which does the same. This modified module outputs the directory to a proper HTML table, and the appearance of columns and rows may be modified using CSS.

Google Search


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