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Title Rich Text Editor
Platform n/a
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Rich Text Editor
Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Text Effects
Hits 1065
Description This script allows the client to type in a text area with ability to use HTML tags WYSIWYG. Newer versions are currently in development. (Very small in size and very quick to load)Great for contact us forms. With instructions on how to setup and use. It is compatible with IE4+.


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Scripts Related to - Rich Text Editor

Script Name

Expandable Content by

This free script will let you create highly customizable expandable/collapsable boxes to save space on your page. When a box is collapsed, only its title is shown. The user clicks [+] in the corner to expand it, and view the content. Then, clicks [-] to collapse it back. You have total control over the look and content of the boxes. Save space on your page without cutting down on the content.

Java Ground :: Free Javascript Text Effects

Java Ground is Large Database website Listing Free Javascript Text Effects scripts, js tutorials, other tutorials, ebooks, webmaster tools, and more .

Smooth buffered text-fade

Completely recoded for v2.0 with an almost flawless fading engine! This script allows you to create smooth text fading both in and out on any DOM event trigger, even other scripts! Built to prevent jumpiness by buffering fade commands and executing them only when the previous fade is complete. Adaptable to use either a single or many fade targets, all depending on what commands you add to the queue.

Falling Letters Menu

Falling Letters Menu generates a nice interactive falling letter effect. The letters of the words fall by wave, one by one when you point at menu item.

3D Dynamic Text Camera

The Dynamic Text Camera control was written to use the same code block for an unlimited number of calls within a web page and through an entire web site. This means that you only need to change parameters within the function parameters instead of having to change the source file...thus one source file and virtually unlimited ways to call it and obtain different effects. Some of the effects are demonstrated above. You will notice that all that was changed was the parameters in each link to obtain different effects.

3D Dynamic Text Twister

With the 3D Dynamic Text Twister, you can create fascinating effects with text and fonts. Simply import the prebuilt functions with parameters you specify into your webpage (no need to change the source!) to get unlimited variations. Great for page load effects, mouseovers and a whole lot more! Not only does this script offer many customization features and sorts characters in your message by z-axis, but also rotates and shades the text

Colorful Tele-type Message

This JavaScript allows you to print out a message in TELE-TYPE-WRITER style with your choice of background and foreground colors.

Single Message TWINKLER

Message Twinkler highlights individually each letter of a text message from left to right. When completed underlines it. Adjust: Speed, Size and Background. Cross-Browser: IE4+ OPERA 7+ NS4+ NS6+ MOZILLA.

Single Message Ticker

Message Ticker displays any text character by character from left to right or center out based on text_alignment_STYLE. Adjust: Speed, Size and Background. Cross-Browser: IE4+, OPERA7+, NS4+, NS6+, MOZILLA.

Message Blinker

The script blinks any message. It features configurable speed, pause, size, background. Pauses with mouse over too. Cross-browser: IE4+, OPERA 7+, NS4+, NS6+, MOZILLA.

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