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Title RiSearch
Platform n/a
Price Free
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Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Searching » Site Search
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Description RiSearch is a simple but powerful search engine program for your site. This script is not meant to replace such powerful search systems like ht://Dig and Glimpse, but intended for small and medium sites with 1000 files and total volume about 10-20Mb. It should be quite enough for most amateur sites. It features: RiSearch does not use any libraries or database systems, just pure Perl., Contrary to the big search systems, like ht://Dig or Glimpse, source code of RiSearch takes about 10 kilobytes, Script is able to work with different languages, Simple and convenient query language, and RiSearch uses platform independent binary files which can be used on any system.


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Scripts Related to - RiSearch

Script Name

Pesquisa D' Alencar

This is an internal search script designed for Portuguese sites. It supports and/or, case sensitive, configurable number of results to display per page. You can also choose the types of archives to be searched, and customize the result page with your choice of color, text, links, etc.

Search by Angelos Karageorgiou

This is a Web site indexer and search engine CGI script written in Perl. It consists of a batch file wrapper for the file system traverser and indexer cgi script for your web site. It also includes a little html example and a script to dump the contents of the db file to screen.

Perlfect Search

Perlfect Search is a sophisticated, powerful, versatile, customizable and effective site indexing/searching suite. It features Full-text indexing, plus title and meta tag description and keywords indexing, Full control of indexed content by allowing exclusion of either individual files or directories, A user-configurable list of stopwords allows you to exclude specific words from the index, Boolean searches, with keyword forcing (+) and keyword exclusion (-), 100% customizable output layout generated based on user-defined HTML templates, and much more,


HPFind is a small Perl script that allows you to find files in users' directories and displays them in a table on an html page. This version looks for index.htm and index.html in ~/public_html, but can be set to search for any file. It also allows you to configure the output text and background, and exclude a given list of users.


MiniSearch is a simple Perl search engine for small to medium sized sites. Main features include: a nice automated administration script, no need to manually edit any parameters, comes with an site indexing script, optionally can run as a shell script, a "where" parameter so you can specify which directories to return results from, and display of the pages is done by templates so that several different sites can use the same search scripts, but have a different look.


This CGI script automatically searches the content of all HTML files located in a directory you specify. Sub-directories contained within the directory can also be searched.


This is a simple search CGI script that allows users to quickly search for files on your ftp site. If any files are found, it displays date and size of the file along with its link.


Navigator is a search engine CGI script. Your visitors can register their sites with your search engine and get special HTML code for putting on their HTML pages. With this code all visitors to site of your member can search his website and whole web. Features include: Real-time processing, Special database format, Index files for fast search, Easy customizable HTML templates, and Enabled maillist.


This script searches either the current directory or a target directory for a file containing the required contents, to replace a find/grep combination for recursive finding.

Diamonds and Perls:

This is a fairly simple script that will do a case-insensitive search of all html files (except index.html) within a directory. The script does not include sub directories in the search.

Google Search


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