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Title RefactorIT
Platform Windows, Linux, Solaris, Unix, Mac OS X
Price Free Trial/$200
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Category Java » Applications » Development Tools
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Description RefactorIT is a powerful refactoring tool. With RefactorIT, a developer can take source code of any size and complexity, and rework it into well-designed code by means of automated refactorings such as Rename Field/Method/Variable/Class/Package, Extract Method, Extract Superclass/Interface, Move Class, Encapsulate Field, etc. RefactorIT provides a comprehensive set of smart query functions that make it possible to analyze and track large volumes of code. RefactorIT comes as a standalone tool or integrates seamlessly with NetBeans, Sun ONE Studio, JDeveloper, JBuilder.


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Script Name


HttpRevealer is a utility program for web developers, Webmasters, Flash developers, and Network Administrators. It reveals the communications between a web browser and a webserver at the HTTPlevel. You get to see all the HTTP request/response headers. It helps you to debug your web applications, Flash applications and web server.


compactHTML is a configurable command-line tool for reducing the size of HTML, PHP etc text files. By removing extra white space, tabs etc you can get significant reductions in size. If pages are downloaded thousands of times then this reduction become even more important - saving on bandwidth while improving speed. Over 20% size reductions have been seen, average is between 10-18%.

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is an intelligent and ergonomic Java development environment, delivering dozens of new usability features and concepts, not found in other products. It proves that the routine process of coding can be made pleasurable and very efficient at the same time. Among the standard features of a modern IDE like syntax highlighting, simple code completion, integrated compiler and visual debugger, IntelliJ IDEA offers a wide range of productivity features like: Highlighting of unimported class usages and easy insertion of required import statements, "Introduce Variable" code refactoring, Global usage search of any code element, Advanced code completion (3 types), Navigation to a class' source by its short name, Navigation to a super method, element's type and declaration, Auto-indentation of pasted text, Insertion of necessary import statements when copying code fragments between different files, Navigation to the source from exception stack traces while running/debugging, Renaming/moving of packages, classes, methods, fields, method parameters and local variables with reference correction, and more.

WebSphere Technology for Developers

WebSphere Technology for Developers is the first application server featuring Java÷ 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.3 compatibility. You can run J2EE 1.3 applications -- including applications from other vendors or applications you have built yourself -- that take advantage of JSP 1.2, Servlet 2.3 and EJB 2.0 specifications. You can also build new applications that implement the latest Web services APIs including SOAP and UDDI4J.


htmlPX, the HTML Programmer's Extension, is a HTML preprocessor that makes it easy to maintain websites. It allows you to maintain consistency across pages and make sitewide changes easily. Runs on any Java 1.1 platform.

WebSphere Studio Application Developer

The WebSphere Studio Application Developer for Linux and Windows, a tool built on the WebSphere Studio Workbench, is a pluggable tool-development and integration platform that incorporates the technology of the recently announced Eclipse open-source organization. Application Developer offers a wide array of capabilities and technologies for J2EE development and comes with a full range of specialized tools and features, including support for Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 1.1, Java profiling and optimization, XML editors, Web services wizards, and many more.


Bridge2Java is a tool that allows Java programs to communicate with ActiveX objects. It allows easy integration of ActiveX objects into a Java Environment. Using the Java Native Interface and COM technology, Bridge2Java allows an ActiveX object to be treated just like a Java object.

Win32 Java Heap Inspector

HeapInspector is a Java program which allows reference navigation of the Java heap. It supports back-tracing references in order to find gc roots which keep the reference from being garbage collected. Source code is available.


jOmniGate is an O/R-mapper for timespending and reusable development of databased applications without using sql or any database-specific language. By using jOmniGate-api your programs will run without any changes the same with MySql, Oracle, interbase and others. jOmniGate supports automatic table-creation and -update, automatic mapping between java-classes and db-tables and much more.


Smokescreen is a Java Class file obfuscator. It makes compiled Class files more difficult to decompile and understand by removing symbolic names and optional information, as well as changing the byte code in the Class files.

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