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  •'s Users Online - Free
    UsersOnline script includes everything you need to show your visitors how many people are on your site now or at any given page.
  • Visitor Activity - $9.99
    Track your visitor's web activity. See where they came from, what they looked at and when they did it, all in real time. Can also act as a basic hit counter. Our windows system tray utility program will also let you know when you have visitors to your website.
  • @1 Current Visitors Online
    A CGI script to show the number of visitors to your website within the past X minutes, hours or days. If the SSI tag is only placed at the main page of the website, it displays: "There were X visitors reaching this page since the past Y minutes". If the tag is placed on every page and Y is set to 1 minute or lower, then it would be quite accurate to say (since the date/time is updated on every reload): "There are currently X unique visitors at this website".
  • Online Pro - FREE
    Online Pro is a counter that shows how many visitors are currently on your homepage. It features Multilingual (English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Deutsch, etc.), and Automatic Language Selection (Depending on browser). Also includes Daily counter, Total counter, Date-time, ICQ online indicator, Link of the hour, Link of the day, Picture of the day, and Link of the month. Latest version includes: a popup window that allows you to use it without SSI, and a thumnail preview function for picture of the day.Added new layout's
  • Who's Online? - Freeware
    This script will display the current number of visitors on a Web site or a Web page, in real-time. It has a built-in protection against pages being reloaded by the site visitor. The time range in which to count visitors can be set/changed for your site needs. To include this script on your site you can either use Frames, JavaScript, or SSI. Usage instructions are included and explained fully in the download package as well as complete installation details.
  • Visitors Online - $14.95
    The Visitors Online script shows how many visitors and members there are currently on your site. It also counts the unique visitors in the last xx days.
  • Users Online - Free
    JGP Users Online is a script that has three primary uses. First, it keeps a count of how many users are currently on your website. Second, it allows a guest to see not only how many users are on, but what page they are visiting. Finally, it also acts as a counter, keeping track of the hits coming into your site. Features Include, Displaying via Javascript, Users Online, Users Locations, Total Hits, Uses File Locking, Ability to fake users online without being obvious, Ability to incriment by a random number, and Easy Setup with a new Install Engine!!
  • Users Online - $20
    Users online is a script which gives you the ability to display 'there are currently X users online' on your webpage, as well as providing the current page of all users on your site. View which page users are on, which pages they've visited and how long they've been on your site. An audio alert is played every time someone new hits your site - so the page can be left minimised and brought up when someone enters. Script also shows the ip address of the user, as well as the referring url. A great way to see where your visitors are coming from, and their path through your site. Uses SSI.
  • Users Online Elite - $35
    Users Online Elite tracks visitor paths through your site. It also has an audio alert when someone new enters your site. Includes the standard "there are XX users online". Users Online Elite keeps logfiles of your visitors in an easy-to-read format viewed via a browser in a password protected admin section. Daily info is logged showing the user paths through your site, time of hit and the referring url. Also includes a search function which allows you to easily find out how many hits came from a certain url, or how many times a search term was used.
  • UzerzOnlyne - Free
    UzerzOnlyne shows, via a JavaScript include, how many users are on your site at the current moment, and when clicked on, what pages they're on. This can be strongly customized with Header, Middle, and Footer templates, an extensive configuration file, and made easier with an extremely detailed Readme. Some of the features are numerical sorting, strong error trapping, low use of server resources and drive space, and ability to view the titles of each page's URL.
  • Aktif.cgi - Freeware
    Aktif.cgi is a CGI script for counting and displaying how many users are currently on your web site.
  • Users Online - Freeware
    A script to show how many users are currently online on your site. Allows online counter to be added to page using SSI (Server Side Include) or Javascript (For remote pages like auctions). Easy to install.
  • Advance Today - Freeware
    A script that shows how many visitors came to your site today, in the same manner as a "users online" script does. The counter can be added to your pages using SSI (Server Side Include) or Javascript (for remote pages like auctions).
  • korisnici.cgi - Free (BSD)
    korisnici.cgi is a CGI script for counting and displaying how many users are currently on your web site. Just upload a file to a cgi-bin and put a little java script. That's it.
  • PrO Visitors - $10
    PrO Visitors is a Perl script that will tell you how many visitors you have on your page for the moment. It includes protection against page 'reload'.
  • Network Counter - Free
    This script allows you to get an accurate count of traffic on your whole network. If you have one site, you can have this script tell you how much traffic you are getting on each page in real time. You can put it on a network of sites and find out how much traffic you have on the whole network. It uses cookies and is not a hit counter. Web based stats page will tell you how many unique hits you have on each site and how many hits on each site came from one of your other sites.

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