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Title Reactor Server
Platform Windowsá95,á98,áME,áXP,áNT/2000
Price GPL
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Category PHP » Software and Servers » Installation Kits
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Description The Reactor Server is an easy to install Apache distribution for Windows containing MySQL, PHP, Perl, PHP-Nuke and Jinzora. You can begin operating a web portal with a streaming music interface in a matter of minutes. A lite version (Reactor-Lite) is also offered. The Reactor Server Project successfully integrates some of the best open source software available into one simple installation for Windows. No registry changes are made and all of the files are localized. If you need to remove the Reactor Server from your system, just delete the C:/Reactor directory and the shortcut from the desktop! It's as easy as that, so why not give it a try


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-New in this version: updated server packages. PHP5 support, Webalizer now a package, GD Image support, Install MySQL as service, Start Menu Shortcuts, other install routine optimizations. - WPPM is a simple web server distribution that allows you to take advantage of all the features the powerful web server WebWeaver has to offer. Within minutes you will have a fully functional and very powerful server system at your fingertips. WPPM will host anything; from simple static personal web pages to industry standard PHP and MySQL powered forums and e-shops. This custom installer installs WebWeaver 1.25, PHP 5.0.0, MySQL 4.0.20d, Active State Perl, PHPMyAdmin 2.5.7, Webalizer 2.01-10. It is easy to setup and simple to use. This package is great for someone who wants a good webserver and does not want to use apache. It also makes a great internal test server for script developers.


EXTREME-4-apache2triad is a collection of realtime reporting and managment applications to extend the Apache2Triad server bundle. Instant Site Installer allows you to choose from more than 50 of the best sites, portals(CMS's), server tools, etc. All are preconfigured and ready to run with Apache2Triad. All you need to do is log in. Includes oscommerce, phpBB( with 30+ preinstalled themes), PostNuke, Wordpress, Crafty syntax live help, Coppermine, pafiledb, OWL, and many more. Add on the Extreme control panel with hosting and account managment scripts, and windows and apache management menus and you have a true turnkey "apache on windows" hosting solution. Easily add users, databases, ftp accounts, check user quota, etc. DEMO:

PHP MySQL Software

PHPMagic is a program that helps you develop web database applications rapidly. You do not need to have any programming background to use it. Just define your database, set some options, click the Generate button, and ... that's it! PHPMagic creates a full setup script to create the mysql tables and the forms that interface with them. You will then have an exceptional web database application ready for uploading to your website. It has all the powerful features you would expect from a professional database application: data navigation, sorting, searching, advanced filtering, modification, addition and deletion.

Aweris WebServer

Aweris WebServer is compact and integrated distribution of Apache (the leading http server), PHP and Perl (the most used server-side scripting languages), designed to help you when working with PHP, Perl and MySQL databases (the most popular open-source database server) and extended with various productivity tools for your Windows web-development needs.


A full featured PHP 4.3.5 installer for 4DWebSTAR V 5.2.x or newer. Includes all necessary libs and binaries for ImageMagick, GD, PNG, JPEG, T1LIB, IMAP, Gettext, cURL, MCrypt, ZLib, IMAP and FreeType2. XML, PostGreSQL, MySQL, EXIF, OpenSSL, FTP, LDAP and Sendmail is also supported. CGI and Fast-CGI version including startup script and Mac OS X SystemStarter support. Includes the new PHPStar Admin 1.2 graphical administration interface!


Complete, easy to install (and uninstall), pre-configured Apache http server for Windows 2000/XP. Completely automated installation (literally up and running server and PHP apps in 1 minute). In Package: Apache, PHP, MySQL, myPHPadmin. Also includes the powerful, attractive and easy to use IBserver control panel for monitoring, control and configuration of the server. New version currently in development.


Modular web server toolkit for Windows. The core installer sets up Apache 2.0.48 and PHP 4.3.4 as well as our custom control panel. The modular architecture makes adding to it easy. Free modules for MySQL, webmail and more. 30 day, risk free trial.


Cowpack is a installer that combines the apache httpd 2 webserver with php 4. (modules for mysql in making)


PHP 4.3.3RC1 + Support Fully GD2 Bundled (2.0.15) and GIF Read Support. + Zend Optimizer 2.1.0a increase your php run-time. + Zend Encoder File Processing support. + EXIF module enable. + Ming module enable for SWF (Flash) create on the fly. + Enhanced Session support. + XML Support + Zip module enable. + and more improve. MySQL 4.0.13 phpMyAdmin 2.5.1 Setup complete with in 20 seconds !

BigApache for Windows

This Package provides a full implementation of Apache and its commonly used extension modules for the Win32 plattform, which means Windows NT®, Windows 2000® and Windows XP®. This is the base package for BigApache. It includes Apache 2.x, mod_ssl, OpenSSL, mod_perl, mod_python and mod_jk (JBoss with Tomcat). Additional modules are available in the module distributions and in the BigApache-modules repository.

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