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Title RateIt!
Platform Unix/Win
Price free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - RateIt!
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Reviews and Ratings
Hits 523
Description Based on a script by Gregor, but drastically altered afterwards. Simpel Rating system for files/pages/photos with administration. Provides rating on any scale you like 1-5, 1-10 ,excellent to rubish or whatever. Double protected against jacking up votes via ip/cookie protection. Easy to include via 3 simple functions. Include rating top 10. Admin contains now link to page, so top 10 is clickable. Supports rating groups (classes) Multiple ratings on 1 page ( 1 or 20 no problem) version 2.1/2.2 have a cummulative registration of ratings. So tables very small. Also version 2.2 has ip table and different rating table layout.


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Scripts Related to - RateIt!

Script Name

Unique Rate and Review

A rating and reviewing system with many features and easy to implement into your site. You can choose how long a review can be, ratring option from 10 to 1, option to store maximum reviews on a text file, option to show latest maximum reviews, bad words filter, prevents visitors to vote more than once simultaneously, emoticons with reviews and much more for free.

Star Rating System

The perfect solution if you want to have a rating script on your page! Gregory Boshoff originally wrote this PHP script some time ago specifically for Developers Resources. We have since updated and adapted it for more general usage based on "Fast Template". It should work with both static and dynamic database driven Web sites. If you do anything to improve the scripts performance or find any bugs , please feel free to contact us.

Insta Review

Simple review system that can be used for visitors to post their reviews, views on movies, games, cars, products etc. UPDATED: Review manager, Skin system, Language File & more.

5-Stars Rating

This PHP script is designed to allow your website's guests to rate everything you want on your site just with one click. If you need support about this script, or have any questions, just post a message on our forums Main Script Features : # Customizable appearance # Multiple ratings per page. # Cookie multiple vote protection. # No MySql needed # Easy Installation A live demo is available at

Photo Rating

Great traffic generation with viral features and community gathering.Rate photos of members. Auto application for additional moderators.Add pictures to your favorites.Email a picture to a friend. Top 10 Guys and Girls displayed. Online admin for deleting members, banning IPs, filtering language and accepting moderators

HIOX Rating Syatem

Features a)Rating System that can be added in to any webpage b)Diplays the ratings done in percentage basis and users can rate the page from 1 to 5 c)You can configure your own welcome messages (the message will be displayed after the user rates the page) d)Header and footer can be modified e)IP based tracking is done. So the rating done by a user from a ipaddress on a webpage will be considered only once. f)The rating will be specific to webpages. Say you have added the rating syatem in two pages page1.html and page2.html and user rates page1.html as 4, the rating will be considered for page1.html only. On refreshing the page the rating will get updated. When user goes to page2.html the rating there will show zero rating.

PHP Commenter

Add a commentary to a page. Show it exploded or just like xx comments. See url page for demo. Comments are now displayed on multipages that can be selected. Solved problem with directories more than 1 level deep. Email address harvest protection added. In this version all public displays now use POST. This to avoid very long url's in the browser. Furthermore there is a maximum number of comments that will be displayed, since noone wants to read 50++ comments, and proper administration is added.

Complete Recipe Website + Professional Template

The website allow visitors to add their recipes to be rated by other visitors. Members can send recipes to friends and search recipes that others post. Visitors can rate, add, search, and send recipes to friends. Site features newest recipes, highest rated recipes, and professional graphics. Online admin panel to validate recipes, add / view / modify / delete recipes and recipe categories, add / delete / manage site users, newsletter management, edit templates, add / view / modify / delete / manage banner advertisments, and much more! FREE INSTALLATION INCLUDED, RESELLERS LICENSE AVAILABLE!

HotOrNotScript Advanced hotornot picture rating software

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Rate 'n' Review

A rate and review system with many settings and features. Complete with easy to use admin area and visitor areas. Manage a whole site using the system. Admin features include: install file, add/remove/edit sites, add/remove/edit categories, upload feature for screenshots, staff rating, content icons, status checker and much more. Many options can be turned on or off through the admin area for great customization. Visitor features: Report site, review site, rate site, search all sites and more! A full working demo is available on the website.

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