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Title RankItPro
Platform linux
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Website Visit Website of - RankItPro
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Image Galleries
Hits 630
Description Create your own image ranking website easily with RankItPro. You can quickly create your website, modify the existing templates and create a member based image ranking system. PHP knowledge is required.


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Scripts Related to - RankItPro

Script Name


galerie.php is an universal PHP script that provides a simple image gallery. It only consists of one file, can be included or stand-alone, manages file trees, is easily configurable and has multi-language support. Just upload it to your image directory and call it in a web browser.

true's image gallery

This is a very simple image / picture gallery designed to show pictures, without lots of gimmicks. Does not require SQL, has a fairly intuitive admin interface, and sports quite a few options. Made for me..but I figure others can use it. Inspired and some starting code provided from "image gallery." Check the homepage for an example gallery. Domain should work for now, my apologies to previous users who tried visiting but couldn't get through.


image gallery script that scans directories for images and creates the corresponding links. no thumbnails used. no installation needed. all very basic and easily customized. just copy and paste. check the url as an example.


4images is a powerful web-based image gallery management system. Features include comment system, user registration and mangagement, password protected administration area with browser-based upload, HTML templates for page layout and design, multi language support, search engine, e-cards and a lot more.


phpAutoGallery is an auto-indexing image gallery that uses mod_rewrite to make the application fully transparent to the user. It has on-the-fly creation and caching of thumbnails, resized images (configurable sizes), and directory listing. It is easy to set up, fully customizable through the use of Smarty templates, and generates valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.0 code. It can overlay copyright/logo images on-the-fly and display information about images and directories.


New version 1.10 add automatic thumbnails generation! Easy to set up, no database required! Provide photo gallery with multiple collections, features include: thumbnails view, full-size view, and text comment for each image (editable by administrator via the web). ZIP file is 202KB due to sample photos.

SimplePHoto Gallery

SimplePHoto Gallery is different for 3 main reasons. It's simple: it doesn't take 2 hours to upload and 2 more to configure, it doesn't require a database or even management of thumbnail files, you just upload it and configure it as much as you want to, and you have a photo gallery! It's effective: with the ability to produce multiple pages for speed and ease of use, it's content protection system using custom messages overlayed onto your images and thumbnails, and its template driven layout that lets you integrate or customize with ut-most simplicity, you can't go wrong, especially when your images really matter. It's free: it supports features that most free and not many costly solutions don't! Plus, SimplePHoto comes with a well-documented configuration script so you're not left in the dark. SimplePHoto Gallery requires only PHP4 and GDLib, however PHP 4.3.2+ and GDLib2.0.1+ are recommended for full-use of available features. SimplePHoto Gallery supports JPEG/JPG, GIF, and PNG files.


Pigalle (PIcture GALLEry) is a slick web based photo album written in PHP 5. With Pigalle you can easily create and maintain albums of photos via an intuitive interface. A great combination of simplicity and powerful features! You just upload your files to your server and Pigalle will generate thumbnails for images. Visitors can choose their preferred image resolution and images will get generated on the fly. Generated images are cached on the server's filesystem and all meta-information like album description, image information, and user settings are stored in a database system. A back-end administration interface helps to manage the files, edit the descriptions and so on, making it very easy and convenient. As Pigalle is based on the Sourdough framework, you are able to use any of the following database systems for operation: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MSSQL, and many more coming up soon.


singapore is a flexible and professional-looking image gallery that does not require a database. Currently available in 20 languages from Bulgarian to Vietnamese, it is fully template-driven which allows an almost infinite variety of presentation styles. Thumbnails are automatically generated using GD or ImageMagick and cached for increased speed. While it features a fully fledged web-based administration interface supporting multiple users with gallery read and write permissions it is equally possible to upload and delete images and galleries using nothing more than an FTP client. It produces standards compliant XHTML and CSS output.


PictureScroller is a very simple to use script that allows you to display your images one at a time and thumb through them. It is made in PHP and uses a MySQL database. It comes with an easy to use web interface that allows you to add and remove images to be displayed. Simply choose what to name the picture and then use the form to upload the picture to your server. It is free to use for commercial and non-commercial websites.

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