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ASP » Tips and Tutorials » Database-related » Randomizing a Recordset


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Title Randomizing a Recordset
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Category ASP » Tips and Tutorials » Database-related
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Description This article describes several ways to use a SQL calculated field and the ORDER BY clause to arrange a recordset in random order. It provides a simple tool for verifying that the results are uniformly random. Also shows a technique for bubbling records with certain attributes to the top of an otherwise randomized list.


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Fastest way of Database Access : Caching Records in Memory

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Printing Headers on every page of a report (from a database)

The author writes "Recently I was asked to develop a web based report that would collect data from a database, format it in an HTML page and then print a certain number of rows on each page with a column header on each page. This solution solves the problem." Source code available for download.

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This article covers two advanced ADO topics: creating hierarchical Recordsets (via data shaping) and creating custom Recordsets. Specifically, this article looks at how to create custom hierarchical Recordsets. The reader is required to have a fluid understanding of both data shaping and custom Recordsets.

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