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Title Randomizer
Platform Unix
Price Free
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Website Visit Website of - Randomizer
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Randomizing » Random Images
Hits 546
Description This script displays a random image. You can specify whether or not to link the image, include the image's ALT text, select its border size and alignment, define its width and height, and the target location.


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Scripts Related to - Randomizer

Script Name

Pitcure Pool

Picture Pool displays random images over a certain amount of time. A total hands free picture rotator. The script reads all image files in a dir and randomly picks a certain number of them, after a certain amount of time is up, another number of pictures are chosen. Picture Pool Plus works the same as Picture Pool only the script will create html files using cron, reducing the cpu usage.

POD (Picture of the Day)

The POD script is a [P]icture [o]f the [D]ay script that will display a random image on a given page. The image changes every day from a pool of images in a directory of your choosing. The image files can have any name and do not need to be sequential. POD requires SSI (Server Side Includes).

Lyles Pic 'n' Text

This multi-functional script allows you to have your pages to load differently every time, with any picture or text content your may want. It comes with a built-in admin that allows you to add pictures and text to the database with ease.

Picture Pool Plus

Picture Pool Plus works the same as Picture Pool only the script will create html files using cron. This will reduce the amount of cpu usage on a server because no visitor will need to access the cgi script. Also just like Picture Pool, Picture Pool Plus is free to download and use. If you can use cron on your server, use Picture Pool Plus.

FTLS Random Image Displayer

Random Image Displayer is a simple script which displays a random image or background on your Web page.

Radiation Randomizer

Randomizer makes the job of keeping your website looking 'fresh' easy. Randomizer will randomly select an image from a directory of images on your server. This can be a dramatic change, like rotating the background texture of a page, or it can be subtle, like changing your welcome message.


RandomPicker randomly displays images, texts and their links. Use it for your advertisement banners or just as a random quotation feature on your webpages. Supports SSI and non-SSI usage.

Matt Wright's Random Image Displayer

Random Image Displayer allows you to set up a list of images and then randomly display them as inlined images or background images. Called from a normal image tag, no Server Side Includes are necessary.


This little program will load randomly chosen image into the upper frame of your site and then change it at specified intervals of time.

Random Image Displayer

This script lets you have a random image with it's associated link pop up anywhere in a web page. This script does not require Server Side includes and you may change the images and links without modifying the source code. This script comes in very handy if you need different images of sponsors come up on any of your pages with changing links each time.

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