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  • QuoteShuffler - GPL
    This script is a simple and random quote rotator. Super easy installation and the script can handle an infinite amount of quotes.
  • @1 Quote Publisher
    A Perl script to display categorized quote/message of the day randomly via SSI.
  • RandText - Free
    An easy to use script that displays random text or images on your web page. Comes with a text editor, password protection for secure access to scripts and data, and supports multiple random text files on the same web page. Requires SSI.
  • Random number generater - Freeware
    This is a simple random numbers generator which allows player selcet any choice of number combination. You may pre-defined dedicated numbers that should always not show up on your random selection.
  • Be_Random - Free/$15
    Be_Random is a full featured and flexible text/link/image display script. It includes password protected web-based setup and configuration, auto-archiving, ability to maintain different random proverbs, images, tips, or HTML snippets with headlines and categories. A different message is displayed each time a visitor loads the page. You can add, delete and modify any messages easily. Runs in both SSI and Non-SSI modes.
  • mailsig - Free
    This is a small perl script to write a random signature.
  • csRandomText - $20
    csRandomText is a content management system for displaying blocks of text/html in random order, in true order, or refreshed every 'n' days. Admin page allows you to create multiple instances of text blocks. Update the various text blocks from one location. Possible usages include: Customer kudos (as shown on our main page), Quote of the day, Joke of the day, Weekly Recipes, Daily scriptures, or Even use it to rotate advertisement banners.
  • QDQOTD - Free
    This is a small Perl script that allows you to generate a random quote of the day. It requires SSI.
  • Say What - Free
    Say What is a simple Perl program that will display a random quote or line of text. It features: All fields are configurable, Colors may be changed also, and SSI is not required.
  • - Free
    This little program is intended to be used as a CGI script to display a random line from a file. Basically, it works like the fortune program.
  • - Free
    This script is designed to randomize all or a part of a signature file each time it is run.
  • randtxt - Free
    randtxt is a CGI program to serve up a Web page with some random text or images selected from a simple database. It's ideal for those "Quote of the Day" or "Funny Saying of the Day" pages, and for "random picture" pages.
  • Random Number Generator - Free
    This simple script generates a random number by forcing Browser to re-run script each time by including variable "extra path" info.
  • Matt Wright's Random Text - Free
    Random Text is a program which takes a plain text file, which contains a series of phrases, quotes, lines of text, html tags, etc... and a delimiter (the character(s) which separate each entry) and will randomly choose one of the phrases and display it on your web page. This scripts does require the use of Server Side Includes.
  • Tip of the Moment - Free
    This script is extremely useful if you want to have random proverbs, random images, or random tips displayed each time a visitor loads the page. It also includes a admin script. You can add, delete and modify any messages easily.(SSI required.)
  • Quote Machine - Free
    This is a small script that allows you to make customized random quotes that you can display in your webpages. It allows you to have unlimited quotes that you add simply by editing a text file. You can display it using Server Side Includes (SSI) or display it by linking the script directly.
  • K.I.S. Random Text - Free
    This scripts allows you to include random text information or quotes by using SSI.
  • SSI Random Text Displayer - Free
    SSI Random Text Displayer is a simple script that selects and displays a Random Text from a given file on your Web page using Server Side Include (SSI).
  • random_password - Free
    This procedure returns a random word for use as a password. Consonants and vowels are alternated to give a pronouncable, and hence memorable, result.
  • randomquote.cgi - Free
    This script will randomly select a quote and insert it into your shtml page. You need to use server side includes for this script to work. Add and delete quotes from your quote file directly from the web with a password protected admin page. No need to FTP.

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