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Title RPNcalculator
Platform linux,áwindows,áfreebsd,áosx,ásun
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - RPNcalculator
Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Calculators
Hits 1005
Description Compact and useful RPN (reverse polish notation) calculator with 99 stacks, all essential functions and userdefined variables. The variables are stored in cookies to be resumed on restarting the calculator. Runs in browsers supporting javascript and can be opened in popup windows. Can be handled completely using the keyboard and so enables a minimal size.


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Script Name

Tigra Calculator PRO

Tigra Calculator PRO is flexible JavaScript calculator offering high reliability and wide browsers support. This script allows your visitors to perform necessary mathematical calculations quickly and easily without any additional means. Result is returned in single form field with user defined name. Tigra Calculator PRO suits well for applications where quick arithmetical calculations are required. Script setup will take 5 minutes in most cases.

Scientific Calculator

It supports all the functions of commerical calculator. You do not require any server, nor database. Easy to install and use. Help is right on the screen, so that you cannot miss it. It also generates pop-up independent real-looking scientific calculator. You can use this pop-up calculator very usefully. This JavaScript calculator has all the features of a real scientific calculator. Users even can enter problems as written. You can use it to solve complex mathematical and scientific problems. Most of all, it is free for non-commercial purpose. 1. Download and unzip file 2. Open index.html file. Enjoy it.

Tigra Calculator

Tigra Calculator is free JavaScript widget that allows your visitors to make different calculations right on your site.

Infant Percentile Calculator

By this calculator, parents and health care providers can assess and track their baby's growth at home or at hospital. Infant percentile calculator is one calculating form that replaces 8 growth charts. Just enter your infant's measurements to automatically obtain all his percentiles by one click. Webmasters can include this calculator in their health related website for free.

BN Calculator

BN Calculator is a full featured calculator that both looks good and works great. It has 20 buttons and can be placed anywhere in your web page. Feel free to modify the script as you feel fit.

Carpe Calculator ZF

Scientific calculator with memory, date, time, currency converter, and scientific functions. This version has 50 buttons and three lcd-style displays. The Carpe calculator ZF can be used by just opening a link, as a bookmarklet or it can be customized and implemented in your web site.

Multi Calc

This is a calculator that you can put wherever you want (whichever one you want) Because its a series of 4, +,-,*, and /. its version 1.0 so there may be a few problems.

Roman Numerals Converter

An interesting script for converting between integers and Roman Numerals, as well as checking the validity of Roman Numerals for common mistakes.

Acid Base Balance Calculator

By this calculator, medical professionals and health care providers just enter pH and pCO2 and by one click calculate the most propable diagnosis of the patient's acid-base status; metabolic, respiratory, or mixed acidosis or alkalosis. Webmasters can include this calculator in their medical website for free.

Javascript Horsepower Calculator

A javascript horsepower estimator for cars. You simply need the car's weight (there is usually a scale at a dragstrip) and a timeslip that shows the car's quarter mile elapsed time (ET) and speed at the finish line (Trap Speed).

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