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Title REOBack
Platform Unix
Price Free (GPL)
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Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Server Management
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Description REOBack (pronounced "ray-o-back") is a backup solution designed for Linux users and system administrators. It is designed to be simple to set up, and easy to use. It is great as a quick solution for those who procrastinate about backups. It supports automatic full/incremental backups of files you define, remote backups via NFS or FTP, as well as auto deletion of old backups.


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Scripts Related to - REOBack

Script Name

Stefan Gipper's Sysinfo

The Sysinfo is a Perl script that provides extensive system information including Web space calculation, type of MIME, Error reports (404, 403, 401, 500, etc.), port, DEAD.Letter, directory info, and log files. German: Dieses Sysinfo bietet umfangreiche funktion unteranderen Perl-Debugger, Webspace-Berechnen, Systeminfos, Mime-Types, Errorseiten (404, 403, 401, 500, usw), Ports, Dead.Letter, Verzeichnisse Packen, und Logfiles. Alles in einem script dazu ist es noch Freeware.


This CGI script displays all important information about your server including environmental variables, the path to your Perl, PHP, Python program, available perl modules on your server and also server hardware information such as CPU model, CPU speed and memory usage.

Site Spider

This program spiders all your domains, emails if any are found to be down. Site Spider is a "spider" that queries web connectivity to any number of domains to see that are responding. A useful tool if you are responsible for a large number of domains and want to make sure that not only is the server itself up but the website is accepting http request and serving up pages to your site. It can run off cron so you can set it to spider as regularly as you require.

SunnyScript's ServerCheck

ServerCheck is a handy tool to check your servers, websites, domain names, CGI scripts, for availability on a regular basis. In case of an error situation, ServerCheck sends out an e-mail notification which shortly describes the occured malfunction. So you can react immediately. Other features includes: Real-time testing and easy scheduling using the admin panel.



InfoWatcher is a package of PERL programs that aid Administrators in monitoring systems, logs and processes in large and small UNIX installations. Its major components consists of SLM, a log monitoring and filter daemon process which can monitor multiple logfiles simultaneously, and SSM, a system/process monitoring utility that monitors general system health, process status, disk usage, and others.


BRINK is a CGI perl script which allows users to change their passwords via a web page. Current development has shifted to a modularized Perl socket daemon/client. There is a remote possibility that this program could allow users to do bad things to the system it is running on. If you run BRINK on a secure http daemon, it is much more secure than if you run it on an unencrypted http daemon.


PerfGraph is a software package that continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, measures the performance of your Unix systems. The data is stored in a database; the gathered data can be displayed graphically by just pointing your favorite web browser to the web-server connected to the database. The PerfGraph Server needs a run-time environment consisting of Perl, Postgres and Apache.


Net watcher is a network watching and statistics program for Network Administrators. Mainly uses Simple Network Management Protocol to commmunicate with the agents on the hosts. This is a simple and straightforward application to show how to glue MIB agents' data into database and a web based statistical environment using Perl. It also includes a dynamic histogram maker module that we have written in Perl for this project.

Server Check

The Server Check script checks your server configuration including file paths, location of your server mail program and which Perl modules are installed.

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