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Platform Unix, Win NT
Price $75
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Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Polls and Voting
Hits 540
Description Counting the number of hits your site is getting only tells about quantity of hits - not the quality of them. It doesn't let you know whether individuals enjoyed visiting your site or whether they'll be back. That's where RATE THIS! steps in to fill the gap. RATE THIS! is a quality metrics script. It allows you to keep track of how useful and well-liked your web pages are by site visitors.


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Scripts Related to - RATE THIS!

Script Name


QuickVote is a simple voting system script. Its admin script allows you to easily configure the program. Upon voting, users are presented with graphical resulting pages. is a small but fast perlscript, that saves the data of your votings and displays the results graphically. After the user has submitted the voting, replaces the vote-form in your html-document with the results or displays an new page. In a separate html-file you can describe the style of the Main features include: Several Votings - can process several votings in different html-documents, Prevent multiple votes from the same user using IP checking and/or cookie checking, Show result without voting: You can look at the result of the voting, even if you have not voted, Replace voting-form / display result in a new page - Now you can choose, whether the result is displayed in a new page or inserted instead of the voting-form in the old page.

Poll It

Find out your users opinions by hosting online polls on your website using Poll It. It also supports importing polls into existing web pages by the use of server side includes. Using our easy to use, nice, neat & organized administration interface you can create, delete & manage your polls with a few clicks. Its features include: Double vote protection by IP #, Choose after how many votes to show results and File locking to prevent corrupted data.


This is an online survey script that implements an in-line poll through SSI calls. Reports results directly after voting (both percentages and graphically) with many configurable options. Caches IP address to prevent "spam" voting.

Zone Coaster's Survey

A versatile survey script which can handle any survey form with more than one input(so long as it doesn't have inputs with the same name which can be multiply-selected) and sort them at runtime. It can also handle multiple surveys. This means you now only need one script to run as many surveys as you have space for.

The Voting Center

The Voting Center is a voting system program where you can set up polls on your website and ask questions like what they think of your product, where your next concert should be held or which browser they prefer, etc. It features: Easy to install and customize, Instant Update of Polling Data, Create polling booths which you just cut and paste html into your web pages, Run a almost unlimited amount of polls, Polls can have up to 30 answers, Survey questions use radio buttons or drop down lists, Configurable title, title image, colour scheme, background color, text color, link color, Manipulate poll data, Edit questions and answers, Large graphical results, Password protection for administration, Double voting protection, Locking of files for high traffic sites, Ability to list all results on one page, and Switch between percentage results and number of votes taken for results.

The Scripts Home's The Voting Booth

The PollMaster

With The PollMaster, questions can be added easily, and you can have as many answers as you want. You can group a series of them, and they will be displayed all together. Or you can access each question individually. The results are calculated for each question and can be displayed as a group or individually as well. It keeps track of each user, so they may only answer each individual question once. This helps eliminate skewed results, and it uses template files, so you can define the look and feel of the question and result pages.

Freescripts Vote Script

This script allows people to rate any given thing on a scale of one to ten. It produces a graph of the cumulative results of the voting and the graph is updated every time the script is run. This script requires server side includes.

Cliff Voting Booth Script

This script lets users vote on current topics. It has options to allow users to add topics and/or choices. It logs ip's to prevent voting in the same topic multiple times and comes with an administrative function where you easily remove topics and choices.

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