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Title Quizgame
Platform Win NT, Unix
Price $19.95
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Quizgame
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Contests and Awards
Hits 628
Description This program allows you to setup a quiz game easily by using forms. The program grades the player's answers and keeps scores. Has forms for "Multiple Choice" , "Fill In" and "Yes No" questions. The program keeps all the player's scores and tells them when they have won a prize. You can set how many prizes to give away and at what score they will be given away. The program keeps track of how many people are playing the game; the name and password of the winners and what prize they have won.


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Scripts Related to - Quizgame

Script Name

Midmart Award Site

Midmart Award Site allows you to easily setup an award site. It automatically accepts nominations, lets you review them, rate them, and give three different level of awards to your winners (e.g.: Gold, Silver, Bronze). The system adds them to a winners list then.

ContestMonkey Lite

Easily manage an online contest from a simple web interface. Display a pic of the prize along with a description. Editable rules supplied! See how easy it is to manage a contest.

Website Awarder

This completely handles giving away website awards for you. The ability to allow people to apply for an award and the intuitive administration system make for an excellent combination.


Looking to hold an event such as a contest, survey, poll, or quiz on your site? Are you trying to avoid all the headaches of having to manually handle entries, winners, totals, and all the boring time consuming stuff? If so, this is the script for you. It's a one of a kind and the ultimate in an event manager. If so, this is the script for you. It's the ultimate manager for contests, polls, surveys, and quizzes. Allows the program to be used by any number of individuals, perfect for ISP's or hosting services, Template based for easy customization, Online Script Administration, Online Administration, unlimited questions, Multiple Question Formats, auto start/expire, entrant duration, duplicate Entry Scanning, Entrant Banning, and much much more.

Signup & Win! Script

Similar to, this script also saves new subscribers to a file. runs once a week using a CRON, and randomly picks 3 winners (settable) from the file (who have not already won in winners.txt) created by and emails them. winners.txt is purged manually each time the contest prize changes (every 5-6 weeks).

Contest CGI

Collects email addresses by asking user to "Enter our Contest". Stores the email addresses in a text file arranged in one column with carriage returns after each email address. You can promote any prize you wish and select the winner by running our pick-the-winner utility. Will pick 1 person randomly each time you run it.

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