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Title QuickDownload
Platform unix
Price $10 US
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - QuickDownload
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » E-Commerce » PayPal
Hits 684
Description A Secure Download Digital File Script after paying with PayPal. Configure to download, send as an E-mail Attachment or both. 8 security validation checks. Easily sale or license any kind of digital/electronic file: e-Books, music mp3, software, audio, video ą This script is $75 US which includes installation.


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Scripts Related to - QuickDownload

Script Name

Automated Order

This script will integrate into any website within minutes and allows your business to start selling products over the web. The software allows you to simply add buy now buttons to your existing website and start selling products now! Easily integrate with PayPal to process credit card transactions. No merchant account needed. PayPal is the quickest and easiest way to accept credit card payments over the web. This script will work with any credit card processing company. PayPal Instant Payment Notification script.

The HTMLfixIT IPN script is designed to work with PayPals IPN interface. It performs many security checks, logs all transaction data. With this script, you can sell items via PayPal and the IPN script will send out thankyou/receipt emails, keep track of pending payments, send you notifications of a transaction, stores a list of unique email address (so you can email clients easily if needed.). As an added benefit, there is sample code in the script that shows you how to set the script up to respond differently for different products you sell. (we use the script to automatically deliver the appropraite files when someone buys one of our scripts). For a full feature list, see <a href=''>IPN</a>.

Paypal Plus

E-commerce on a budget. This script will integrate into any existing website by simply adding buy now buttons to your products. Handles complex issues such as multiple products with multiple variables and accounts for sales tax. Easily integrate with PayPal to process credit card transactions without a merchant account and the hefty fees associated with it. Software can be used with any on-line credit card company.


Only allow people who have purchased your product through Paypal to download it. Can be easily intergrated into your existing Paypal products. After a buyer makes a purchase he is redirected to the pay2download.cgi file. If the program detects that the user did not make a purchase through Paypal's secure server it will not allow access to the download. If the buyer has made a payment through Paypal the program will generate a unique username and password then email the download link for your product. Can be used to sell any digital goods.

eItemSeller for Downloads

E-ITEM SELLER v. 2.0 Take orders, deliver your product, count your cash! You work hard to bring users to your site. You put effort into turning browsers into buyers. You invest time and money in giving your customers a product they truly value. Now you need to make it easy for your clients to pay! When youĘre selling online, you canĘt afford to miss a single order. You canĘt afford to take your customers right through your site only to lose them at the point of purchase. You need to make it easy for your customers pay, downloadłand purchase your product. E-Item Seller is a simple-to-use Perl script that allows your customers to enter their credit card details and download your product right away. ThereĘs no waiting for you to confirm the order, and no delays before they receive their software. Your customers can simply place their order, enter their password and start downloading your product. They get the goodsłyou get the cash. With E-Item Seller you get better usability for your sitełand more sales for your business. E-Item Seller advantages: ? Track every order in real time with comprehensive admin information; ? View, edit and delete any item or customer details quickly and easily; ? Use PayPalĘs IPN for secure transactions and painless credit card processing; ? Monitor fraud activity and block IP addresses of suspicious buyers; ? Automatic payment verification, download link, and time-limited password; ? Multiple orders with no annoying pop-ups, interference or hassle; ? Easy to use, installs in minutes; ? Users payłyou earn!

Easy Bdownload

Easy Bdownload permits you to assign a unique code to each file to be downloaded. The user simply enters the alphanumeric code on your website, and presses the download button. the script retrieves the file, and delivers it to the end user. The original file location remains hidden. Politely tell user if file does not exist or if incorrect code has been used. Comes with a password protected admin interface to assist you in managing your flat structure database.

Extreme Pay Associate

This full featured system allows you to run your own email payment system like PayPal. It features 2Checkout and PayPal integration, signing bonus, easy to use admin and easy setup.

R3N3 Payment Gateway

The R3N3 Payment Gateway is designed to give our scripts a uniform method of accessing payment processors. It's a stand-alone perl script which you install once and is then used to manage financial transactions for scripts found on SmarterScripts, and soon from other developers too. This will both simplify and greatly improve the task of accepting payments through scripts on your websites. Accepts payments through PayPal, 2checkout, and other major credit card processors (as well as bank wires). Built in fraud check to ensure payment.

Mill Road Store Builder

Give visitors to your site a free online store. Works with their free PayPal account. Set the number of webpages and graphics uploads per store. A mailing list is made of all users.

CartWrite for PayPal - the easiset way to manage inventory

CartWrite is the easiest way to manage your PayPal« shopping cart items! By now you may know that having HTML tags for many items can be a hassle to manage because there is no central control. CartWrite allows you to easily enter item data and upload an image all in one step. That data is stored in a single file. When someone visits your site, your pages automatically load the item data from the data file into a table to display the items, image, and shopping cart buttons. It looks and works just like any other shopping site to your visitors. Add and delete items in unlimited number of categories using a simple entry page on your own site. Includes error checking and backup of your items data file.

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