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Title QuiXplorer
Platform PHP 4
Price Free (MPL / GPL)
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Website Visit Website of - QuiXplorer
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » File Manipulation » File Management
Hits 586
Description QuiXplorer allows you to browse local directories on your webserver. It currently supports the following functions: Browsing Directories, displaying Name, Size, Type, Date & Permissions; Viewing & Editing Files (of supported mimetypes); Copying, Moving & Deleting Files & Directories; Downloading & Uploading Files; Creating (empty) Files & Directories; Searching for Files & Directories; Changing Permissions (UNIX style) for Files & Directories; User-authentication & management; Multi-language support: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian.


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Scripts Related to - QuiXplorer

Script Name


WebEdit is a PHP script that allows you to edit the files on your web site account in your browser. This means you won't have to download a file, load it into your editor, save it, and then upload it to the server using FTP. Features, include authentication, print, preview, backup, forum support, file upload, directory create and rename.


PhpCommander is a web-based file manager that manage your web acount without any FTP access. Currently PhpCommander can: create directories, create files, copy, move, delete and rename files and folders, upload files, download files, view and edit the contents of the files, edit HTML files in WYSIWYG mode, communicate in English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Danish and other languages.


Protects your downloads from bandwith theifs with the maximum protection avalaible: Random named directories; IP Adress block, with .htacces; Referer check; Links timeout. PHP Cron for deleteing the directories on a given time. Files web accesible or not. Can be easily integrated with any site. Works on Linux servers only.

File Manager Plus

A file management system where the administrator provides clients with their own folders on a server. The clients can transfer files to and from their folder on the server. Folder is password protected. The administrator can create and remove clients, delete files from the server, and create reports of file uploads and downloads for any client.

OFM (Oveas File Manager)

OFM is a web based file manager with built in text editor and a lot of features like: backup directories; (un)compress files; DOS<->UNIX<->MAC conversions; Work with multiple files using a buffer, etc.


File manager that works with the file system on your webserver. Use it as an instant intranet. Features: browse directories, create and edit text files, create dirs, rename files and dirs, copy, move and delete files and dirs (recursively), search for file names and full-text (with index in MySQL db, optional), sitemap, annotate dirs and files (Apache-compatible), automatic setting of access rights with FTP (optional), languages: english, german, clear user interface, customizable, and more.

Instant Site Editor

ISE offers you full control over the files on your server. Upload new files, delete, rename and CHMOD files/folders. ISE uses a WYSIWYG editor for HTML pages, and a simple textarea tag for editing code pages such as PHP, ASP and CGI files allowing you access to update every type of file on your server. Specify if you want your users to edit all, or only part of a page by adding HTML comment tags for editable section. Update: Version 2.1 now allows you to list the files/folders alphabetically. It also has an updated WYSIWYG editor with more options and a browser redirect for Netscape users.


FileTrack is a secure database-driven software for distributing files across the internet. Targeted mainly towards internet developers and business owners, our powerful system allows private, individual login accounts to be created for each user. Files can then be uploaded and categorized for quick access.


WFolder is a set of scripts and pages that allow you to view, upload, create, edit, rename, and delete files in folder on your webserver using a browser. Uses a login to limit access. Quick and easy to setup.


A Web based file management utility for your website. Designed to be a single script solution, allowing you to create, edit, rename, delete, copy, move, etc. Future versions will have security, streamlined interface and code.

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