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Title ProxyChecker
Platform Unix
Price $35.00
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - ProxyChecker
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Networking Tools » General
Hits 905
Description Open web proxies can be used for a number of things - surfing anonymously, making anonymous posts to message boards, some of them even let you send email or make arbitrary connections to other hosts


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Scripts Related to - ProxyChecker

Script Name

IP Network Manager

IP Manager was written to help ease the pain of ISP's and IT departments keeping their netblocks organized. The IP Manager automatically subnets and sorts all the IP blocks in the table. No need to memorize tough subnetting schemes and performing tough subnet calculations. The IP Manager keeps this in one easy process. Also included with the program is a simple router configuration utility. It was designed for Cisco routers, but could be easily adapted to other vendors. If you enable telnet for an IP, you will see the utility. This software is free to use and distribute, if you make any meaningful changes, email with the details. Version 2.0 update: IP Manager now performs basic networking monitoring tasks.

PHP BandWidth Monitor

phpBandwidth is a PHP program able to monitor a particular network interface (eth0, eth1, ppp0, etc...). His goal is to provide a realtime graph showing bandwidth consumption on a server. phpBandwidth is free to use but restricted, this mean if you want update the source code and/or use this code within a commercial context, you're pleased to take a licence.

Node Runner

Node Runner is a PHP network monitor designed to contact nodes in a specific order based on the description of the node. If a node does not respond, each of its dependencies are systematically checked until the problem is isolated. Node Runner uses a shell script for its basic network polling, a PHP web interface for node information, reports, etc., and utilizes abstraction layers for database support.


phpIP Management is tool to manage IP addresses. It features authentication for accessing the IP database, form validity checks, and customizable searches.


This little script checks what a specified range or series of IP-numbers resolves into. It then takes that resolved hostname, and checks with the corresponding DNS-server that the hostname points back at the originating IP. If they both match each other, the virtual host is considered to be online, and can therefore be used out on the Internet (on a BNC, a webserver and so on). A live demo can be seen at


A speed test (bandwidth meter) that logs to a MySQL database for admin viewing.

IP Calculation Class

A class with example for ip calculation purposes (network address calculation, 'ip in subnet' tests.)


Determines country of IP address entered using RIPE rpsl database. Could be used as a module for statistics system.

Networking Utilities

The networking utilities includes a ping tool, a traceroute tool and an nslookup tool. These are very commonly available tools, however by making them web-based, it allows you and your clients to test connectivity from a centralized location, thus helping you track down common problems on your network, or a clients network.


LabStatus is a Web-enabled, multi-user system to allow for easy administration of any number of computer labs. It was created especially for organizations which have multiple labs, to manage any number of devices (computers, projector, laptops, etc.). To allow access for various managers, administrators, and technicians to update records, it incorporates a complete user system with multiple user levels.

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