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Title Proxomitron - GPL Popup Blocker
Platform All Windows
Price GPL
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Proxomitron - GPL Popup Blocker
Category Tools & Utilities » Security
Hits 1003
Description One of the best GPL popup blockers on the market! The power is incredible and well worth checking out!


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Scripts Related to - Proxomitron - GPL Popup Blocker

Script Name

100% Free popup killer / stopper

The Favouritelink Search Toolbar with Free Pop Up Killer. Are you looking for a free Search ToolBar with a Free Pop Up Blocker Then you should install this great free toolbar from Functions: Click here to download a free popup stopper Free Search in Favouritelink Advanced Search Highlight Search results Quick Category access Free Pop Up Blocker And more to come...... The latest version is 2.1

Visitor Security Information Graphic

This graphic displays the viewers computer information, such as their IP address, computer name, browser and detects if a proxy is being used. Because it‘«÷s a graphic, its works with any language.

Port Scan

Put your firewall to the test by performing a free online firewall test and port scan. You can choose any port or scan all ports. No limitations. Very, very fast scan and results in less the 60 seconds. You can also scan UDP ports.

TCP Listener - System Testing

Enter a port number and a description and any scans on that port will see your description. Minimizes to the tray. Each connection is logged. TCP Listener is a great tool for testing security on your system. A great way to check the security of your firewall is to set TCP Listener to listen on different ports and then run a port scanner and see if it can connect through your firewall. No need to install, runs right from the exe file. Requires the .NET Framework from Microsoft.

PC Security Audit

Checks browser security, popup blocking ability, firewall security and spyware. Gives users a complete online security check with instant results.

Server Header

Easy way to check your web servers headers. Will also show if your being redirected to another page or site, as well as port, method and status of the request. Can display page source as well. Contains detailed instructions on how to hide your server header on IIS as well.

Free Firewall Protection

This free firewall will help protect your system, is easy to use and best of all, it's free. Featuring FPROT

Exploit Finder / Patcher

A software patch is almost always released after a compromised system has received attention and by then, it's too late. This script will look for exploits that may exist in your firewall or security settings. Should a virus or hacker make their way into your system and open a port, you‘«÷ll be notified by email, which could prevent serious damage or data loss!

No Spam Today! SMTP Proxy Free

No Spam Today! is an SMTP proxy spam filter. Acting between the internet and your mail server, incoming mail is accepted from the open internet, checked for spam, and then delivered to your existing SMTP mail server. NoSpamToday! uses the award-winning SpamAssassin‘šů engine to flag spam mail in the subject line and add a filtering report to spam mails according to your configuration.

Advanced Keylogger

Advanced Keylogger is an absolutely invisible keystroke recorder for Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP. Advanced Keylogger is a powerful surveillance tool, which offers total control over computer activity to any PC user in the world. Advanced Keylogger records every keystroke, including passwords and logins, to encrypted easy-to-understand logs and can send reports secretly to your e-mail address or any number of other e-mails, specified by you. Advanced Key Logger monitors the Internet activity precisely by logging all web-pages the user visits. Advanced Keylogger records visual statistics of everything happening on the screen periodically (customizable time interval) screenshotting what is on. Advanced Key Logger also monitors text and graphics copied and cut to the clipboard ‘«Ű all this in a perfect stealth mode. With its advanced functionality and user-friendly interface, this unique monitoring tool has all you need to track child activity (parental control) on the Internet, check your spouse or watch employees. Whenever wherever whatever is typed - it cannot be hidden from Advanced Keylogger!

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