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Title Prometheus-Library
Platform n/a
Price Free (MPL)
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Development Tools » Libraries and Classes
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Description The goals of this library are to provide a php-based api of objects, functions, and defines to help the average developer design active content sites with minmal effort. The prometheus library provides the following functionality: AutoLoad, Sessions, Database Independence, BenchMarking, UserAuth, UserDomain, WebClient, Unix Utilities, FileSize, PageNavigator, UrlObject, MimeObject,Mail via IMAP and local sendmail, AppServer, and Templates.


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Script Name


This package contains extensions to the PHPLIB package OOHFORMS. The main things are additional classes to help with certain data types, like dates, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Also includes some preliminary support for creating widgets from db-backed data.

SQL Abstraction Layer (SAL)

SAL provides a set of classes for creating and manipulating SQL statements. This makes it easy to refer to your SQL statements by-name instead of by-value, increasing portability. It also means you do things like have a search form generate SQL (including arbitrary SQL joins) on the fly.


SearchForms is a modular system for creating HTML forms that can generate an arbitrary SQL statement. It depends on the SQL Abstraction Layer from the Enzyme open-source project, as well as the OOHFORMS library from PHPLIB. Using the objects provided by SearchForms, you can quickly and easily create a dynamic user interface for searching a database. SearchForms is part of the Enzyme open-source project.


PHPerl links a Perl interpreter into the PHP3/4 module for Apache. It provides a PHP API for managing Perl interpreters and evaluating Perl expressions, plus a package of Perl subroutines to assist in executing Perl packages in PHP context. PHPerl also cohabits safely with mod_perl.

Numeric PHP

The project aims at producing a set of packages containing functions and classes to aid in the numeric manipulation of data. Packages will deal with geometrical, statistical, matricial, etc. calculations.

OO PHP Library

OO PHP Library is an object oriented PHP library that provides functionality to rapid DB interface building. It uses all advanced features of PHP4 to allow quick, dynamically build web-pages.



ConfigReader is a simple class which reads, parses, and interpolates a configuration file for use in PHP3 programs. It allows you to assign array values dynamically.


The Logger class is used to maintain a persistant log file as efficiently as possible. Using Logger, your programs can append log entries to as many different files as you need, using only 1 fopen() call and 1 fclose() call per log file. Logger's primary use is for debugging personal programs when you can't or don't want to log via error_log().

VH Layout

VH Layout allows you to write your dynamic website completely in PHP3 without worrying about the HTML tags. The design of VH Layout Class was inspired by the Perl package HTMLTablelayout. It comes with complete documentation and examples.

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