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Title Programming with Master Pages, Themes/Skins, and Navigation Control
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Category ASP.NET » Tips and Tutorials
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Description Drill down on some of the new and exciting page framework features in ASP.NET "Whidbey". See how to leverage exciting features like Master Pages and Themes/Skins to richly customize Web UI, demonstrates how to leverage the new cross page postback features to postback server controls to other pages, and the new Site Navigation API and navigation controls to make building Web apps a breeze.


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Introduction to Microsoft's .NET Platform by Nakul Goyal

This article briefly describes Microsoft.NET, ASP.NET, C#, VS.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET, XML Web Services, VISUAL J#.

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How to use GetDirectories

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The Http Runtime

Learn about: Role of the HttpRuntime; What is the HttpRuntime; Drill-down; HttpContext; HttpHandler; Application Events; Global.asax; HttpModule and Hosting the HttpRuntime. Source code included.

Troubleshooting ASP.NET Applications on IIS 6.0

Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 makes it possible for organizations of all sizes to quickly and easily deploy powerful Web sites, Web applications, and Web services. IIS 6.0 provides a high-performance platform for applications built using the Microsoft .NET Framework, and introduces a completely new architecture to host .NET Web applications reliably, securely, and make them easier to manage. Troubleshooting these applications on IIS 6.0 requires new ways of doing things. Get detailed information on how to debug .NET applications on IIS 6.0, including how to use various tools and IIS 6.0 features to make debugging these applications easier.

Database Access Within an Assembly

We can easily connect a database server within an assembly. After we compile this source code you can access your database provider. In tis source code I have used SQL Server.

Introduction to ASP.NET

Review the features and shortcomings of classic Active Server Pages. Understand the advantages of an ASP.NET application. Learn about server controls and events in ASP.NET. Create a simple Web Service in ASP.NET.

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