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  • NewLife Blogger - GPL
    NewLife Blogger is a Multi-User blogging system, similar to livejournal. NLB has a robust template system which allows every user to totally customize their blog area. It also allows for a custom field, Friends, pubic/private blogs, avatars, user-uploaded avatars, email validation, RSS feed for each user, News postings, SPELL CHECKER, NO security breaches yet! It's totally open source at only a fraction of the size of livejournal!
  • AutoTheme for PostNuke - Free GPL/Commercial
    Create themes in HTML using your favorite editor, with no use of PHP. Full administration interface. Unlimited block positions (AutoBlocks). Customize every part of your PostNuke site. Configure which blocks display and where, for each page. Features: Custom themes for each Module and Home page, Admin pages, User pages; Custom themes for Left Blocks, Right Blocks, Center Blocks and AutoBlocks; Custom themes for individual blocks by name; Control colors, style sheets and head content for every page; All needed files packaged as a module; Faster execution and render time; Command editor; Language editor. Multi-platform for PHP-Nuke, PostNuke, MD-Pro, eNvolution, CPG-Nuke, osc2nuke and osCommerce. Themes are portable without modification!
  • Advertising Module - Free (GPL)
    An advertising module which introduces many improvements over the standard "banners" module for the PostNuke CMS. Includes the ability to set an expiration date for banners, banner activation/deactivation, integrated client statistics (no need to log in to a separate page), better organization and details, and much more. Requires PN Pheonix or earlier.
  • pnFlashGames - GPL
    With pnFlashGames you can add flash and java games to your PostNuke or MD-Pro site. We now have over 100 highscore enabled games available, and more every day. The games keep highscores in your PostNuke database so your users can compete against each other. You can also set up contests and specify which games are in the contest for even more competition. High quality, professional games are now available in our online store in case you want your site to be even better than the rest. Our Commercial games allow you to get an edge on the other sites using this great module. Competition drives traffic back to your site. Increase return visitor traffic dramatically and bring life to a struggling community website, or even more fun to an already successful one.
  • EZComments - Free (GPL)
    With EZComments, you can attach comments to every other modules supporting hooks. Tested with ContentExpress, PagEd, Static_Docs, News and Sections from the .726 release and many more.
  • Affiliate Manager - pnAffiliate - GPL
    This module allows members to promote your website using their own referral link. When a user comes to your site from a members referral link, a cookie is placed to track the user. The referring member will get the commissions from any purchases made by this new user. Downline Tracking is Available. Features : - Administrator can set the banners, rules, text ads and can view the clickthroughs, sales and downlines. - Users can view their clickthroughs, sales, downline, affiliate links and advertising banners - Includes a Block that shows the current referrer - pnAPI Compliant
  • PayPal IPN Modules Collection Kit - $74.99
    Includes the following Pixelation PayPal IPN Modules in one package: pnDonations, pnFileseller, pnShoppingcart and pnSubscriptions. This package allows you to turn your PostNuke portal into a huge commercial engine with donation support, webshop support, subscribing support, and much more.
  • PayPal IPN pnSubscriptions Module - $39.99
    pnSubscriptions allows you to charge your customers for special access to your site by using PayPal's subscription service. Directly upon payment, users will automatically be added to another group of your choice. Users can cancel their subscription through PayPal at any time. You can determine which group(s) will have access to purchase the membership plan(s). You can offer trial periods with each subscription.
  • PayPal IPN pnShoppingcart Module - $29.99
    pnShoppingcart allows you to sell products to your customers using Paypal. Directly upon payment, users will automatically receive email and be notified of the list of products he/she will reveice from you. You can create unlimited products/categories.
  • PayPal IPN pnFileseller Module - $29.99
    pnFileseller allows you to sell files to your customers using PayPal. Directly upon payment, users will receive their files. This can be via email as attachment or via a download link. You can also choose how many hours the download link will remain valid. You can create unlimited files/categories.
  • Daily Tarot Module For Post Nuke - 40.00
    This module is for Post Nuke 0.726 and up. This module produces a daily tarot card with interpretation. This module uses the Thoth tarot Deck. We have many more divination scripts in the works for PostNuke.
  • New Downloads Added Block - GPL
    Feel free to use this script if you would like to show visitors a flexible number of your newest downloads. Just enter your database details, choose how many download files you want to show, and then insert the code into a new PHP block. Very easy to configure and get going! ...Tested on PostNuke 0.71...
  • EbayList Module - GPL
    With this module addon, you can display your Ebay auctions on your PostNuke powered website. Should be 100% pnAPI compliant (tested on 0.726 Phoenix). Minimal configuration before it's up and running!
  • dNET Theme API for PostNUKE (dTAP) - Freeware
    dTAP expands the standard PostNUKE theme API, blocks, modules and administration. At this time, dTAP is not compatible with AutoTheme and Nuclei, but will have similar functionality in the near future.
  • pnHiragana - GPL
    A Flash-based hiragana quiz, ported from the "learning hiragana" module for PHPNuke.
  • Nuclei Blocks Module - Free (GPL)
    The Nuclei Blocks Module allows themes to utilize up to 14 block areas, instead of using the standard 3 the PostNuke blocks module offers. These blocks can be added to any theme and there are versions of this module available for both .71x and .72x. In addition to 14 block areas, this module also offers the option to control the names of the blocks in the Block Admin through a file in theme's folder. If the option isn't used, the Admin uses default names for the blocks.
  • EW Blog Postnuke Module (News Substitution) - Free (GNU/GPL)
    Module is designed to work with Stories and publish them as an "Issue" with e-mail subscription. It is good addition to the group of modules well known as "News". Main task of this module is "assembling" or "grouping" Stories in one "ISSUE". At the same time you can still use News module in usual way. You can choose what way to publish Stories is better for your site. E.g., you can change stories order in Issue, make header and footer for Issue, etc... And now users can subscribe to receive your site news by e-mail even they are anonymous...
  • NameDay PostNuke Module - Free (GNU/GPL)
    Nameday module based on standard Postnuke module NS-Ephemerids but it has been fully re-written for pnAPI and pnMDG compliance. As examples of added functionality - improved admin interface, multi-languages, and ability to add content from file to DB. Main destination of the module is display messages in block for given day. On default, it is name days. But you can use it for many purpose of display periodic events to user, as for: - national holidays - religious holidays - any regular and periodic events
  • Subjects 2.0 Postnuke module - Free (GNU/GPL)
    Module is designed for structured store & display text content with a possibility to store content in file on the disc. Probably, the best one for converting existing based on HTML pages site to PostNuke.
  • EW FileManager - Free (GNU/GPL)
    Module designed to manage file and directories inside directory given by site admin. This is FTP-like module. You can create directories, upload, edit and delete files through module interface. If you have co-admins or sub-admins on your site but cannot (don't want) share your FTP account, this module could be solution for you. Especially it can be useful if you use Subjects module on your site. EW FileManager can bring additional functionality to this great module.

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