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  • ASP Poll Manager Build 6.17.2004 - Shareware
    The ASP Poll Manager is created to set MULTIPLE SURVEYS on your site. You can set which survey/poll is active and display it in your webpage. Edit,Delete,include one file to DYNAMICALLY display a survey which you have choosen to set on the admin area. Has an option to limit votes by IP or Session. Can also reset statistics for a certain survey. Also it is FREE
  • PollBuddy - Free (GPL)
    This poll system allows you to manage your poll through a password-protected online control panel. The voting form is an ASP include and can be included on several pages in the same directory. No database is required.
  • Site Survey
    Site Survey allows you to quickly and easily create a professional survey or customer feedback questionnaire for your web site. Requires a Windows server with ASP and the ability to use an Access database.
  • Poll Pro - 29.95
    Poll Pro is an easy-to-use application that provides your poll results, in both bar graph and number format, as well as some overall poll statistics. It allows your visitors to vote on the current poll and view results of all approved polls, current or archived. Administrators can work from their browsers, any time, from anywhere. And, there are no limits to the types of questions you can ask, how many polls are stored in your archives, or how many optional answers to your poll question.
  • Poll Pro - 29.95
    Poll Pro allows your website visitors to vote on the current online poll & view results of previously archived polls. (Serious or's up-to-you.) YOU get color graphs showing your visitors' opinions, anytime - from your browser-based administration (unlimited number of admins allowed). All this, installed on your existing site, source code and free future version upgrade - for $29.95!
  • PollPro - $69
    PollPro provides seamless and simple integration into your existing website with one line of code. Create unlimited number of polls, with unlimited number of options per poll. Graphical output of poll results and archived polls. Fully customize the look and settings of your polls. Set and change voting behaviour through cookie expiration. Secure and easy to navigate poll management system. Allow you visitors to add comments. Written in ASP with fully customizable source code provided. Access 2000 support with dsn-less connection.
  • Voting System - US$ 5
    Counting System provide webmaster a easy way to create a vote and push the vote to webpage. Easy to use, Easy to Manage, Easy to modify and Easy to purchase.
  • Petition Script 2.0 - Start lobbying now! - Freeware
    An easy and complete tool for managing an on line petition database driven. Unlimited number of signatures, double check of petition signers e-mail address, signature request confirmation link sent to signers e-mail address, final signature confirmation mail sent to signers, "Support us" page with cut & paste HTML banner code, total signatures counter, signers list visible only to administrator (Access 2000 database view)
  • Poll In Flash survey with 3d graphs - 69
    Poll In Flash. Host a live survey on your site and have visitors vote on your site. Works on windows server. Visitors can choose to vote for one of the options created by you. Use it on as many sites you want. Web Based Visitor survey in flash Allow admin to change the questions by Web based admin control panel. Colored graph in 3d bar chart or Pie chart to display results. Visitor can see the actual live result
  • ASPSurvey - $25.00/$45.00
    ASPSurvey is an ASP database-driven survey application. It is used to allow web sites to create and administer online surveys. Keep in mind these are not the little polls you see on many web sites with one question and several answers to choose from. These are actual surveys with multiple questions/answers. Enable 'Unique IP' to prevent multiple submissions. Use the copy functions to easily create surveys based on surveys you have previously created.
  • MegaVote - Free (GPL)
    Using the MSXML3 parse and ASP, MegaVote allows you to create voting forms with multiple categories on your website. You can also host multiple voting forms off of the same ASP pages. Example included.
  • EZ-Web Survey - $20
    EZ-Web Poll is an easy to use, fully customizable online poll application. It comes with an online maintenance script to easily add/update your polls as well as view and analyze the results. After the user votes, results are displayed graphically to the user. Prevents a user from voting twice. No login neccessary.
  • Smart Survey - $299
    The Smart Survey makes it fun and easy for customers to provide you with useful information because of its attractive animated Flash interfaces and super-fast download time. Get simple and fast feedback (like popular likes or dislikes) from your visitors by displaying more than one survey, infact unlimited number of surveys, on your website with no limit on the number of questions or responses. Purchase this surefire tool to get valuable information from your customers in a minute.
  • Smart Multi Poll - $149
    Smart Multi Poll 1.0 - Cool Features: 1. Interactive Flash Interface with 3D Bar Graph & Pie Chart Statistics 2. Create UNLIMITED number of polls on your site - display new polls for each section/page related to its content (focused feedback) 3. Super-fast load time - small file size (13K) 4. No Reloading of Page - Easy feedback from visitors in seconds 5. Easy Installation & Customization for any website 6. Extensive browser-based password-protected Administration Panel 7. Uses a MS SQL Server or Access 2000 database
  • Smart Poll 1.0 - ASP and Flash Poll - $99
    This is a fast, small-sized ASP & Flash Poll with 3D Bar Graph & Pie Chart Statistics to make your web site interactive and sticky. Get visitor feedback in seconds. MS SQL Server & Access versions available. This product is recommended for company/business, portal/vortal and educational sites, so that invaluable and focussed feedback can be got by visitors voting in a poll related to the website content. Also included is a complete browser-based password-protected Administration panel.
  • Hot or Not Sale - 49.95
    The best hot or not script availible on the net. unlimited picture upload, unlimited users, modify as you want.? make it fit into your own design and user database. easy to install. you dont have to be a skilled programmer to use this. payments availible in USD, CAD, GBP, EUR
  • Source4Developers Poll - Free (GPL)
    One line of code to add a voting poll booth to your web page. Users can view archived polls and poll results by bar graph. Add unlimited options to each poll question via the password protected administration area. Users can vote only once through use of cookie. Uses DSN-less connections. Source code has been rewritten to provide a more readable and clearer format.
  • Item Rating Class - Freeware
    The Item Rating Class allows you to implement a system to rate items (e.g. pages) on your site. It currently only supports SQL Server databases, but is fully configurable and easy to use.
  • HOT or NOT - $49.95
    Increase visitors to your website! HotOrNot is a prof. Picture Voting application that allows users to upload their own pictures and have others vote from 1 to 10. Customizable & integratable into any Web site. Unlimited picture upload. User section with stats and many other options. Easy to setup. Full instruction included.
  • OR-Mega XCAST - $49.95
    Collect feedback easily with the OR-Mega XCAST system. Features include: unlimited PURE html templates, unlimited polls, unlimited questions, unlimited answers, dynamic filtering, cross tabbing, email polls, image polling, email invites, excel export, xml importexport, MS SQL and Access supported, and much more.

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