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Title PollMe Polls
Platform All
Price Free
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Website Visit Website of - PollMe Polls
Category Remotely Hosted » Polls and Voting
Hits 1038
Description PollMe Polls allows users to create polls which they can add to their sites by simply copying and pasting a small piece of code. The look of the poll is completly configurable, allowing them to fully integrate into the users website, and almost no HTML knowledge is needed. Other features include an simple to use interface, poll stuffing control and automatic closing of the poll at a determined time.


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AskWeb is a powerful and interactive survey management system, enabling to organize, run and manage various types of surveys. AskWeb can process internet and email surveys. Vide spectrum of features lets user not only to build questioners and publish it to the respondents, but also to monitor survey process during all it's stages and analyze the results. System users can create all forms of questionnaires: from a complex surveys, multipage questioners, registration forms to simple polls of several questions. For primary analyzes of collected data system includes reports system, calculating the totals for each survey question choice, and frequency percentages of the responses, while more detailed analyzes can be done using automatic export to specialized programs (Excel, SPSS, Statistica or other formats). The software is simple to learn and easy to use.

whois-online poll`s

Sign up for this free poll service today. Setup a poll in seconds and let your visitors vote on your site. Up to 25 different poll`s at the same time! This is a great way to go into your poll questions much deeper then just with 1 poll. Layout can be changed really easy with your favorite html editor to match your site.


Generate your poll's code and place it easily on your web site. Till 5 polls at the same time with results page and a customizable confirmation page.

Add Free Web Poll

Poll allows you to add interactivity to your site by adding a question of your choice to your site or homepage. By adding a Web Poll, you can start tracking the opinions and knowledge of your visitors today! - The poll can be customized for your needs - Real-time results. - Public or private results. - You may have up to 10 answers for voters to choose from. - 50 polls are available per account. - You can display several polls on the same page - Rotating HTML code is available!

Bpath Poll

Add online free poll to your web site and find out your visitors' opinions on the issues of your choice. Let your visitors view what others have said, while using the votes and opinions to improve your products and services. Fast and easy to use!

Pliner.Net Polls

Pliner.Net Polls is a platform independent solution for your web poll processing needs. It has a simple no experience required interface that is geared towards users of all skill levels. Adding a hosted poll on your web site is as easy as linking to a single URL. Polls are customizable and allow you to select 2d or 3d bar or pie graphs. You can also choose to keep results secret so only you can view the results. Polls include cookie based visitor tracking to prevent multiple votes and cheating.

Neomyz Web Poll

Create your own web poll for your own web site in 3 minutes. Features animated, skinnable, multilingual Flash interface. The service is hosted on our servers, there is no need to download or install anything.

BFN Polls

Allow your users to vote for a custom list of items. Prevents multiple votes by a single user, and offers a bar graph of results. No ads.

Get Free Polls and Surveys for your site

Build a poll(3 questions, 8 answers each) and get the html to put on your page to modify as you like. IP and Cookies stop multiple voting. Same window and 'new' window results page. Updated Version 3.0: Allows customization of results page, ending dates, voters must answer all questions, and more...all free with no ads or spam...

Free Survey System: provides all the tools needed to create, deploy, and analyze surveys. It is easy as 1-2-3: 1) You design your survey using our easy to use web based tool 2) You deploy de form to your web site our via e-mail by linking to a page hosted on our servers 3) You have a secured area where all the relevant statistical information are available.

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