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Title Playerless streaming technology review
Platform linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
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Category Java » Applets » Miscellaneous
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Description The biggest barrier to streaming media adoption and the transformation of the Internet as we know it today is technological. Traditional streaming media technologies have relied on both server-side and client-side technologies. This poses significant barriers to adoption as the setup of these applications can be time consming and costly. Fortunatly a new breed of streaming media technologies are now available which don't require either server-side or client-side software. Known as playerless streaming media, these technologies simplify the process of getting video and audio online and most importatly, they significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of streaming media technologies. This site reviews the various playerless streaming technologies available today.


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Color And Font Chooser

The author writes "I used to face some difficulty in choosing background or foreground colors for my applications as the colors provided in java.awt.Color are too few. In the beginning I used to randomly select three integers for the constructor of Color class, apply it, and then see the effect. If not satisfied, then the integers had to be changed, the code compiled and run again to see the effect. After numerous trials I was able to get a color of my choice. To make things easier this applet was written. Of course, if one is using javax.swing package this applet is not required as a class for this very purpose is provided. But for awt buffs this applet would be of some help. Recently, I have also added the functionality of trying out different fonts too."

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This is an amazing auto homepage script, works for ie5 and ie6, 99% of all web surfers use ie5 and 6. You will build massive traffic. Easy installation.

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This applet lets children practice basic arithmetic operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. The functionality for LCM and HCF is also provided. It keeps the score of correct and wrong answers.

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There's nothing worse than an in-box full of spam, is there? If you display an e-mail address on your site, the spammers use their automatic spam bots to search through your pages, 'harvesting' your e-mail address. Abstract offers a truly simple solution to this problem by drawing your e-mail address as an image on the page.

CodeBrain Quasar Super-Animator

CodeBrain Quasar is a multi-layer animation applet with truly amazing versatility and range, sound support, and simple setup. A stylistic chamelion, even minor changes in parameters produce startlingly different effects. Great for animated banners, custom front-end logos, sophisticated animation effects and more. Recently updated, and now *free* for all users.


DFA (Interactive Animation of Finite-State Automata) is an applet that lets you build finite state machines (states and transitions) and then run a string through the machine and see if it is accepted. Great for testing your automaton.

JaVi (Java Vigenere)

JaVi (Java Vigenere) is an open source applet for cryptography with the Vigenere algorithm (useful mainly for educational purposes). Includes manual (with UML diagrams and Javadoc documentation) and standalone application version.

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