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Title PhpMail
Platform Unix, Linux, Cobalt Raq, Windows
Price $79
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - PhpMail
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Email Systems » Web-based Email
Hits 616
Description Phpmail 2 now features the autopay system which lets you setup an automatic payment gateway with paypal, clickbank, or 2checkout, to easily make money off of your web community. It also features a group of professionally designed templates standard and many more new unique features. Phpmail is a fast and feature packed web based email system written in PHP. You can view the full feature list at the author's homepage.


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Scripts Related to - PhpMail

Script Name

Black Ice Studio - Hollow blue - E-mailer V1

Script was created for e-mailing porpuses. This scripts can send e-mails from a website, it is very usefull for a costumer support of some kind.


Gamer Designs is all about bringing you excellent scripts & more. This is but one of the ones we'll be listing here. gdWMSS is an excellent Web-based Email System for users with some working knowledge of how to use phpMyAdmin, and configure two files. One will control the

Black Ice Studio - Pitch blue - Hot link protector (version 1.1)

Pitch blue is a script written for security porpuses. It prevents any unathorished links from downloading files or just hides the source location of the files. Updated


A fully-features POP/IMAP to Webmail script, writen in PHP. BCmail: -> Lists email, allows for deletion, replying forwarding etc -> Views emails, lists and allows download of attachments. Displays images inline. -> Composes new mail, reply, forword mail TO come soon: -> Database user info storage -> Send attachments More info on BCscripts website!

DVS Web-based POP Email Client:

This script is a web-based POP mail client and is very simple to install but nevertheless a quite advanced program. Some of its features include easy to install (does not require PHP to be compiled with IMAP support), reads and sends attachments, displays text/HTML attachments in-line (while still giving you the option of saving them to your hard drive), all the basic functions (send, receive, reply, reply to all, forward, delete), view all headers or the full source of the email, works even if the user has disabled cookies, localized date field, translated into several languages, can be set up to check for new messages automatically, customizable page layout, and more. Awesome Script!

PHP Formmailer

The PHP Mailer script makes the visitor possible to send email to the Webmaster of the web page by form. The script draws by simple modification to other Designs out.

Creative Research PHPWebMail - Free Webmail on your Server

By using a "catch all" email address on your server, you can give users of your site free email accounts at You can use this viral marketing tool to drive traffic to your site, and keep those visitors coming back time and time again. PHPWebMail is fully MIME compliant, so users can read "fancy" HTML email with inline attachments and send out mail with attachments too. A short ad line is added to the end of every email, so your site will be advertised everytime an email is sent!


A fast, customisable and standards compliant webmail application with folder, search and filters support. Features: Very simple installation; Highly customisable; Virtual host support; Plugin support; Supports POP3/IMAP/SMTP; Mime support; Reply, reply-to-all, reply-to-list, forward; Folder support; Addressbook; View HTML emails inline with option to disable and/or sanity check; Internationalization; Identities for multiple email address; Online User Help, enhanced addressbook with groups and import/export facility; External mail account polling and an excellent user interface which makes full use of DHTML, custom context menus and dynamic folder tree.

MyMail Webmail

MyMail is straight out of the box webmail.It requires no database or user configuration. MyMail is small, fast, and robust and will not bog down your server if you have a large amount of mail users. MyMail is portable and will work with Windows, Linux, and BSD. MyMail has a simple administration interface for viewing documentation, common problems and fixes, and mail server status plus uptime. <br><br> Demo <a href="">here</a><br> Admin Demo <a href="">here</a><br><br> The demo username is: password: 1234567 .<br> The admin demo username is: user and password: open.

Auto Emailer

This is a simple script that sends out a HTML email when ever the page it is installed on is hit. Useful for notifying you when an entry in a guest book or database etc. has been made. Just configure it as described and add it to the 'your entry was successful' page. Includes a link back to the page so you can view the entry.

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