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Title Phorm
Platform n/a
Price Free
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Form Processors
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Description Phorm is a form processing script written in PHP. With Phorm you can perform any of the following actions with your form data: include it in an acknowledgement page for the visitor, send it to one or more email addresses, validate it against a sophisticated set of criteria including email address and credit card number validation, include it in an autoresponder message to the visitor, log it to a text file and log it to a MySQL database. Phorm also incorporates error-handling and security features.


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Scripts Related to - Phorm

Script Name

Sutum Form-Mailer

Easy to setup form-mailer for your website. Includes the option to send a thank-you message to the user. It can easily be customized to match your own design.


A contact form script written in PHP. Features very easy to set up script, NO chmood'ing or database access neccessary, autoreply including the information sent by user, redirect-option and contact-form. Highly customizable. Includes only 3 files.


This script will send a form by email, once submitted it will disable the submit button so the user cannot Spam the web master and also set a cookie so the user cannot load the form again. The script is has a wide range of options you can change as well as a good documentation.

Simple PHP Mail

A very simple way to add an email form to your site. All you have to do is change one variable (your email address) and put it anywhere on your site. The admin gets the message, subject, submitter's name and email, the ip address and hostname of the user, and the user-agent of the user.


FProc is an HTML form processor designed to provide an interface layer between the form itself and modules providing a range of services, such as e-mail and e-commerce.

Dope Mail Form

This is another mail form script. It includes a config file, where you can set the recipient, website name etc. and you can edit the layout colors as well. Very easy to use.

PHP Form Mailer

An easy to use web form mailer written in PHP. It includes a sample form, but you can easily make your own. Configures in 3 easy steps. After the form has been submitted, it creates a "Thank You" page displaying the submitted information. Also logs IP addresses in the mail you receive. V 1.2 fixes a typo in one of the variables.

TF MailForm

TF (Trouble Free) MailForm is an easy alternative to the other form emailing scripts. Features include: Text or HTML emails, Alphabetic or User-defined sort, Auto-redirect, Easy to configure, and more.


AKISS-Form (A-Keep-it-Simple-Stupid-Form) is a simple contact form which allows you to select the person to send an email to from a dropdown list. It writes a thank-you page when the form has been submitted. Made for people who want something that's quick and useful without varous features they don't need.

Accessible Contact Form and Database Report

Automatically generated section 508 accessibility standards compliant contact form, connected to database for storage and automatic report generation. Reports display options include all info, email addresses and mailing addresses. Reports are generated in coma-separated-values format for easy exchange with MS Office applications.

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