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Title Perlwiz's Perl Mailling List Script
Platform n/a
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Perlwiz's Perl Mailling List Script
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Mailing List Managers
Hits 675
Description This is an intermediate mailling list program. It collects emails from users and puts them into a data file. It checks to make sure that the emails are correct and have the @ symbol. It also makes sure the email is long enough and doesn't contain weird charectors.


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Scripts Related to - Perlwiz's Perl Mailling List Script

Script Name

The Mail List System

This is an expanded version of the Filemail system. It will allow your client to add themselves to your list server while they get back issues of your newsletters. Be sure to look over the fields in the delivery HTML document to set your system up. You shouldn't have to make any changes to the script for it to work.

Majordomo Archive

This script is intended to parse an archive generated by majordomo for easier human consumption. It is intended to work on the same server as majordomo, and assumes that the archives are readable by the script. It can also be used by saving the archives to somewhere else that the script can read but obviously if you do it that way it won't automatically update an active archive.

Bennie Webdesign Mailinglist

This easy to setup script will store e-mail addresses in a textfile. Subscribers can easily subscribe themselves or unsubscribe on your website. They'll get an automatic reply after subscribing or unsubscribing. You can edit these messages yourself.

Cgiware Mailer

This is a mailing list script that allows you to mail a form letter to a list of recipients. This script will also weed out duplicate addresses, and will start the letter by greeting the person by their complete name, if available. The format of each line of your mailing list should look like email:firstname lastname. The form letter's first line should contain only the subject of the letter. To avoid strange looking letters, you could compose it on Eudora or another email client, then save it. You would then only need to chop out the header. If you want to use a signature file, you should put it in your form letter as well.


This is a perl script that can build a mailing list by grabbing addresses from any kind of file. It will work from the command line on any Unix or NT server with perl 5. It will also weed-out duplicate addresses from your list. You can merge many lists together in multiple passes if you wish. The lists created by this application will have one address per line, with a linefeed as the return character. These lists will be usable by most bulk mailer programs.

Master Subscriber

Master Subscriber is an easy to install and maintain CGI program written with Perl 5 to let your visitors subscribe to your ezine without leaving your website. No longer will your visitors go to your list server's website to subscribe. Works with all list servers that accept email subscribes/unsubscribes, including Majordomo. It is also compatible with the popular free list servers such as,,, and others.

MassMail by Pierre Rodrigues

Send a message to a recipient list easily, by filling a simple form and clicking only one button from your web browser. Features include: One simple form in browser, Works with a mailing list file on your computer which is uploaded to your server and deleted once task completed, and Send messages individually to each recipient, no bcc: for better results.

Ultimate Mail

This is a mailing list program to manage your list automatically. Some of the features included are: Personalization feature, Automatic subscribe and unsubscribe, Autoresponse to each subscription with personalization capabilities, Automatic unsubscribe confirmation email sent, Password protected admin area, File locking option to handle heavy loads, Option to notify you when a subscribe/unsubscibe has been made, and Ability to ban addresses from subscribing.

Mail Master Pro

Mail Master Pro is a fully featured email list management program written in Perl. Features include: Unlimited amount of list, Ability to change all fields from your browser, Full personalization capabilities, Autoresponse to each signup, Editable thank you page, Automatic subscribe and unsubscribe, List importer for existing lists, View all contents of any list, List counter to see your subscriber count for each list, Password protected admin area, Automatic HTML code generation, Ability to send HTML emails, Ability to have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of messages, and Ability to edit the unsubscribe page.

Majordomo Archive

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