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Title Perltest
Platform Unix
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Perltest
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Tests and Quizzes
Hits 648
Description Make an online quiz in minutes. Questions are easily set up in an HTML form and the program automatically tracks user results in a graph. The program is very simple and highly customizable.


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Scripts Related to - Perltest

Script Name


QuickQuiz includes a password protected web panel to easily build your quizzes and review results The Quiz features include: scoring of a one page quiz form, includes a results script to check the current quiz statistics, single response multiple-choice using radio buttons, display of the visitor's total score, percent and grade, display of the average score, percentile and a scoring range table, display of submitted answers along with questions, correct answers and explanations, displays the top N contestants with their names, e-mail address, score, percent and the date, displays question statistics, # of correct, incorrect answers, and # of questions not answered, displays which questions are answered correctly, incorrectly and not answered at all, saves the respondent's answers and total score to a database, permits a weighted marking scheme, permits fractional marks, and e-mails scoring results and the answer page.

eSurvey - Questionairre

eSurvey - Questionairre Fully optioned survey script with ultimate control in your hands. Supports unlimited Surveys, preview mode, radio buttons, checkboxes, text fields, textareas, supplementary questions, instructions, file uploads, database exports, question / answer sorting, graphical results, answer flow, automated validation of required fields, and personalized Autoresponders and Thank You pages with option to include Survey Snapshots. Available in English, German and French.


Add interactivity to your site and keep your visitors coming back for more with this online quiz application. Create unlimited quizzes and customize quiz responses. Records keep track of how you do against the average.

The Quiz Engine

SQL Courseware is a web-based testing and assessment SQL application thats integrated with course content and their lessons. It allows students and administrators to setup the quiz account, login by course, take and grade the static/random quizzes, return a completion page in various formats, print out various reports, and build the static/random quizzes online. The administrator can control the number of attempts permitted, link quizzes to their respective course lessons, create final exams by course, print out a certificate and restrict access when done and so on ...

Online Test Engine

Originally developed for an Ecom - Elearning website, this script fires objective type questions and calculates the total marks scored. Easy to administer and maintain. Same script engine can be used for many tests at the same time and the CGI code is optimized to use the minimum system resources.


QuizTest allows you to make up multiple choice or true/false quizzes with any number of questions online. You can configure the program to show the student the results of the quiz in varying detail from telling him the correct answer for each question answered incorrectly to not showing any results at all. The program will email the results to a designated instructor with the date and time the student took the quiz, and save all the scores to a database file for later viewing.

CyCo's "In-Quiz-itive"

Easy set-up. Instantly grade your own quiz with the results displayed in a graphical manner from 0 - 100%. Especially designed for educators, who want to have students see their results, but not reveal the correct answers. Can be modified in many ways. Check it out!


SFESurvey lets you generate multiple choices surveys or quizzes with weighted, rather than correct/incorrect answers. Used for anything from "What muppet are you " to "Are you an alcoholic" or "Are you at risk for liver disease," this program can let you add fun or serious surveys to your site.

Quiz Me! Fun Internet Quizzer

This script gives your users a quiz based on questions and answers that you give it. It grades the quiz and tells them how they did, prints out some neat graphs, and tells them what their score tells them. It can be used to make quizzes like Cozmo magazines "Have you met the perfect man" type of quizes or tests of knowledge. This is all done easily by editing a plain text file that contains all of the questions and answers (sample is included).


This script allows the quiz-taker to select the number of questions he wants to attemp. The script will take the number of questions randomly from the database and display them in random order. After the answers are submitted, a page of results will be displayed showing the quiz-taker's answer and the correct answer of each question. It also counts the number of questions he has got correct. In addition, the script can also keep a record of challengers, recording their names, emails, number of questions attemped and their scores, and display the results of the most recent challengers.

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