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Title Perl IP blocker
Platform ALL
Price FREE
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Website Visit Website of - Perl IP blocker
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Security
Hits 685
Description This PerlScript will block visitors from accessing a certain page based on their IP address or an entire IP range. You can add as many IPs as you wish with little code modification.


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Scripts Related to - Perl IP blocker

Script Name

Project BanBots - Spider Trap Script

This is an advance version of our popular Spider Trap script. E-mail address scavengers and other rogue bots that follow the hidden spider trap links will be automatically banned via a script activated .htaccess rewrite and the Webmaster will be notified by E-mail with full details of the transgression. Zip file download includes a .htaccess file, the script and a 1 x 1 pixel transparent GIF file.



Investment Guard

This software makes use of a very special Apache handler that allows it to monitor every user that enters your members area as well as every file request made from your members area all in real time. This script replaces Browser based Basic Access validation with a more secure version of user tracking and validation of its own. Users login via a form instead of the browser pop-up box. The script has three main functions. 1. Prevent password theft. It is impossible to run a brute force password attack against your members area. 2. Prevents password abuse. Ensures that only one person is using a given username. 3. Prevents bandwidth abuse and robot downloading of your members area overnight. No other script like it on the market. Tons of features and a user interface.

Private Eye Security Software

Private Eye monitors every user that enters your members area. Private Eye logs users looking for duplicate surfers using the same username in real time and not later when it is too late. The logs files flush themselves periodically. The script uses two variables to define whether or not it is actually a different user. This solves the problem other similar programs have with IP sharing. If more users are trying to get into your members area than you have set the script up to allow, the user is blacklisted for a predetermined time of your choosing. Then any subsequent users trying to use that username will be sent to again a URL of your choosing so that you may turn that bad traffic into good. The script emails you with the bad user info so that you may delete that user from your database whenever you are tired of intercepting the traffic.


Tired of losing Bandwidth to hotlinkers This script allows you to control from where people can access your site/images. This allows you to specify not only unauthorized domains but also PAGES in your own domain. You can tell it to only allow file or image downloads from certain pages in your domain. You can block hotlinkers and bandwidth leeches completely.


killspam is a Perl script that generates totally random pages with bogus email addresses. Lots of bogus addresses will render email collections useless. With lots of bogus addresses webmasters of relay email servers will receive lots of bounces which will encourage them to switch relaying off. No relaying, no spam.

Hacker Honeypot Exploit Detection Library

Our Hacker Honeypot is key to sweeping your server clean. Our Exploit Detection Library will prove whether you have found your security holes, and whether they are now closed. You get instant email notification of an alleged security violation, so that your admin can nail the problem while it's in progress. Our Hacker Honeypot library includes an SSI page counter like you see at the bottom of this page. The SSI counter quietly logs everything known about the surfer every time the page is loaded. Add the counter to an unlimited number of pages on your server.


An image protection script that offers full view image protection from a thumbnail format. Includes a sample template and easy to follow instructions. Offered as licensed small business, commercial or outright purchase versions. Can run on any platform that allows scripts. No 'right click,' disables the keyboard, stops śCtrl/Print Screen,' hides the images in a secret directory, disables hot-linking or leeching of images, disables third-party screen capture programs. Protects critical, privileged, and copyrighted images.

Robot Control Pro

You control who can and who can not enter your website. Email harvester robots, evil file download tools are automatically blocked. No metter how many IP∆s they use. 99% NO more SPAM and file THIEVES! Detailed email notification on search engine visits and evil robots being blocked. No need for SSI or convert email addresses. Works automatically and invisible. High advanced admin section to deny, allow or block robots and users.


This perl script will automatically download the Level 1 or Level 2 listings from (Spam Prevention Early Warning System) and will parse the listing, remove duplicates, sort the list, and then build firewall rulesets for iptables, ipchains, pf/ipf, Sun SunScreen v3.1 & v3.2, and Cisco equipment.

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