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  • Protect It - $100
    Protect It is a script designed to create & manage the .htaccess or .nsconfig method of server authentication for web browsers accessing a web directory for web servers. It is built in with many features such as auto account creation, expiration, account time limits, user update features for passwords, and many other configurable settings.
  • Ascad Password Protector - $49.95
    Developed to protect and secure your business's web site without the hassles and limitations of common password protectors, Password Protector v6.2 (AdPass v6.2) is a high-end password protector and member management system with all of the features that are needed to effectively manage secure content, except the price tag! Notable features include built in 3rd Party Credit Card Gateway support, template-based power for easy integration, built-in newsletter management, member login announcements, award winning customer support, and much more. Find out more today.
  • JBSoftware Membership System - $50 - $150
    Modular membership system with billing modules and extensive security features, it may be configured from a basic minimal system to a sophisticated system with auto re-billing, auto expiration, user cancellation of recurring membership, and more - currently in beta and accepting additional beta sites
  • Ace Password - Free
    Ace Password is a Perl script to help you password protect a folder on your website. It generates all of the .htaccess and .htpasswd files for your with little effort from the installer. You also have the ability to add new users to the list. Version 3 update: A total re-write of version 2, only uses one file, and has advanced error checking to ensure if password protection works. Includes a much user friendly GUI, and has many more options than previously.
  • Password Manager - $125.00
    Password Manager is a easy to use browser based tool which allows a site owner to administer and manage multiple usernames / passwords and groups using .htaccess &; .htpasswd directory protection, The Apache web servers built in native protection scheme. Features include PayPal instant Payment Notification, Auto activate or approve users, mass email, users can update accounts, email of forgotten passwords, user tracking and more!
  • Indexsoft .htpasswd manager - Free
    A simple manager of .htpasswd files. With that script you can say
  • indexsoft access manager - 14.95USD
    The powerful web based manager of .htpasswd, .htgroups and .htaccess files. It gives you easy management and control over all the restricted directories on your web site, including managing access rights for all users, groups and hosts. indexsoft access manager provides convenient setup of simple .htaccess files even if you do not plan to setup complex access permissions for your site. Try it and see how much time it saves!
  • .htaccess Protect with Pleasure - 79.95
    Advanced .htaccess/.htpasswd Password Manager with automatic users registration. User automatically Registration. Add, Modify, Delete password protection for any directory on your server. No limit to the number of directories the script can be used on. Suport PayPal, WorldPay, DirectOne and 2ceckout. Easy to install with installation script. Usage Help Avaliable. Don't need SSI. Don't need Data Base. Don't store plain passwords. Automatic addition/deletion to .htpasswd and .htgroup files. Customer Invoicing/Statement logs. And Many More...
  • Password Sentry
    Password Sentry is a webmaster resource to curtail password sharing and to block dictionary or brut attacks. Guaranteed to save you money in terms of bandwidth charges and lost sales revenue. Free installation, upgrades and support. Onsite demo.
  • Password Robot - $299
    Password protects multiple directories, stores its data in a MySQL database, sends personalized HTML e-mail, and automatically disables abused and expired accounts. Password Robot is easily capable of managing thousands of accounts and is compatible with PayPal, Authorize.Net, Verisign, LinkPoint, and other payment processors.
  • htEdit - Freeware
    Intended to password protect website directories, htEdit creates .htaccess and .htpasswd files and keep track database of created files for easy editing (change password, add or delete users). Features: All work done through the web browser; Add, Edit or Delete password files to any folder on your site; Entire script is template driven, easily change look using any web site editor; Can set protection for entire directory, as well as for selected files from directory; Popup windows to select directory and files to protect; Additional paid/free subscriptions/membership management options available.
  • MultiPass - Free
    Multipass is a simple script that take a list of usernames and passwords, one set per line, separated by colons and stored in a plain text file, encrypts the passwords and stores the resulting pairs in an .htaccess file. On the site are also more complex / full featured versions available for a fee. Customization is available depending on time and budget.
  • Membership Access - 15.00
    Ordering done through online check. Orders are stored in a database and are deleted through the webmaster admin. User passwords expire after 30 times access to protected page and then are prompted to give you more money. Charge whatever fee you want (excellent for download sites looking for cash). Able to add content and HTML through the webmaster admin as well as check user data and delete user password files.
  • DeadBolt - GPL
    This script creates/updates/deletes the .htaccess and .htpasswd files for securing directories. Use it over and over again - add as many secured areas and/or users as us like. For use on a Unix flavor OS running an Apache web server. It has not been tested or known to work on anything else, so it probably won't.
  • protector with .htaccess - 59.99
    jbProtector is an advanced member management and password protected directory system for Apache servers. It will ease your jobs in getting your members' subscription fee like never before. Now you can spend more time in designing your paid-to-view contents and leave those nasty jobs of collecting money to jbProtector.
  • Login Manager Script - $79.00
    Login Manager allows admin to easily create password protected areas on the web site with personalized dynamic pages and provides you the ability to effortlessly limit a user's access to some protected areas.
  • MojoProtector Pro - $89
    MojoProtector is an advanced member management and password protected directory system on MySQL backend. It offers very high levels of security and is very easy to install and maintain. Fully integrated with clickbank, ibill pincoding, and Paypal IPN. Protects unlimited directories with multiple access lengths and prices. Support trial periods, recurring periods, automatic cancellations that are totally matched with ibill and paypal subscription. Shared passwords are detected, and provides some ways to prevent password sniffers. HTML templates driven, nice design, easy to maintain, full admin area, edit and configure everything web-based.
  • DirectoryPass - Free
    DirectoryPass is a .htaccess management system that allows the user to administor both .htaccess and .htpasswd files to add and remove users. It also creates .htaccess files and is compatiable with Cobalt RAQ .htaccess. DirectoryPass allows administration of an unlimited number of .htaccess and .htpasswd files within a particular users account/server. All administration is done via the web browser and configuration only involves setting an administrators password.
  • SQL QuickRegister - Free
    SQL QuickRegister is a full-featured password/membership management system with 4 modules: registration, login, re-direction and a web panel. Features include the creation of an expiry date upon registration, checking the expiry date upon login or via any page re-direct, automatic login, administrative control of membership profile, ability to deny or allow access at any time, e-mail confirmations of registration, password recovery for members, denies access after a lapsed time period, disallows multiple logins, and all page links checked to prevent bookmarking. Two Add-On Modules available to 1. Broadcast e-mail to members and 2. Protect PDF, zip etc. files for a token fee.
  • cns Membership Manager - $55 AUD
    Run an automated online Members Only Area on your website. Features Include: Auto signup or require admin approval. Email notification of new members. Allow members to update there own details (on or off). Automatic password/username retreival. Unique passcode prevents bookmarking. Add/Edit/Delete members online with ease. Tracks all correct logins. Tracks each members last login date and total logins. View top members and search the database for members. Creates graphs representing total logins and percentage. Search for inactive members by date. Custimizable header and footer files. Edit your header, footer and welcome email files online. Backup and restore members database file online. Mass email all your members. Edit the script configuration online in real time.

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