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Title Password
Platform n/a
Price Free
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Website Visit Website of - Password
Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » User Authentication
Hits 952
Description This is a simple JavaScript that allows you to password protect your Web pages. Written in French.


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Scripts Related to - Password

Script Name

Unhackable Code

This is a neat password protection script that uses the password prompt as a barrier between the source of the page. There is not a single second that the person viewing the page can look at the source.

Login and password script

This is a simple password script that requires both a login and password to gain entry to the protected page, with an incorrect set taking the user to a "failure" page instead.

Simple Password Protection

Set up this quick and easy password protection script in minutes. Choose your desired login Username and Password, and require that your visitor's enter the information before accessing any HTML page. It is not recommended that this script be used to protect anything extremely private.

Key Keeper

Have you ever wanted to password protect a web page but did not know how Well your problems are solved with Key Keeper. This is one of the first password protection JavaScripts that will allow multiple users (multiple passwords).

Scott Brady's Password Protection

Password Pro

Password Pro is a password protection program written in JavaScript that uses an encryption mechanism, to hide the password from the source code. You can use Password Pro to protect folders or files. The pages name must be the same with your password, and the script is case sensitive and can only recognize numbers and letters.

Website Abstraction Encrypted Password Generator

This program dynamically encrypts the password to a page (differently each time) before saving it, making it a lot harder for foul-minded users to break in. In addition, the program does not simply take the surfer to the file he/she enters as the password. Instead, it navigates to a page only if the surfer correctly enters the password. Invalid passwords will result in an "invalid password" alert.

Multiple Users

This JavaScript lets you set up a separate username and password for as many members as you want, and even give each a different page to go to after logging in.

Cookie Protection

You can use a basic cookie script to keep visitors (that don't have the cookie on their system) from viewing certain parts of your site (kind of.... There are always ways around it). The cookie is placed when the password provided is correct. Then, when they are forwarded to the password protected page, the cookie allows them to stay. Those without the cookie are sent back.

Multiple Users Prompt

This JavaScript is just like the previous Multiple Users one, but doesn't use a table interface to login. Instead, after clicking the Login! button, the script will prompt users for their username and password, and then perform the password-protection.

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