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Title Passmaster Pro/Premium/Gold
Platform Unix
Price $150/$350/$550
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Passmaster Pro/Premium/Gold
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Password Protection
Hits 538
Description Passmaster is the safest site protection script with full database management. It employs the advanced .htaccess and .nsconfig directory protection techniques and manages unlimited numbers of passwords and usernames within its own password protected administration area. There you can freely add, remove and modify the .htpasswd entries. Main features include: Directory and file protection, Multi-user functionality, Multiple Setups (ideal for sites that offer multiple services), Manages all "Dates of Expiration", Intelligent Logging, Customer mailing list, Credit Card Verification, Four different ways of registration, and Search capability.


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Scripts Related to - Passmaster Pro/Premium/Gold

Script Name


Mastergate is simply the most comprehensive pay site billing and security system available. No other software package offers such advanced security and administration power. Processes your billing information and automates your password database. Includes form error checking, automatic account expiration, admin search, admin modify, admin edit, and admin delete. Clients are forced to provide a valid email address to obtain access to your pay site. Mastergate is also capable of interfacing into online processors such as IBILL BASIC TP or AUTHORIZE NET for real-time validation.

Universal Password Protection

This program allows you or your users to register, renew and terminate users' registration. You can allow users to register/renew membership on their own or keep registration/renewal forms for yourself so only you could register/renew users registration after you receive payment. The program can be set to automatically send reminder messages to users whose membership is about to expire so that they can renew their registration. You can also configure the program for registration to access one or unlimited number of separately protected areas.

Password Nazi

Password Nazi is an easy to install, completely self contained user authentication application. It runs automatically on your server monitoring people that login to your password protected areas and keeps log of suspended accounts. If Password Nazi notices suspicious login activity, it immediately terminates the account and notifies you of all suspended users by email.


DCProtect98 is powerful user authentication system. It allows you to incorporate user authentication into your CGI scripts with ease. It uses flat-textbase user database to manage your user account. Main features include three levels of authentication, four-tier membership, user management system and authentication configuration utility via browser.

CGI World's Protect It Pro

Protect It Pro, using DBM Files is one of the most convienent ways of providing username / password authentication to users who are accessing a web directory you wish to be blocked. Built with many customizable features, this program is a do it all for administrators who wish to issue username / password accounts for website access. Protect It Pro features the use of user groups. This allows using one Protect It Pro script to administer your users & block access to multiple directories. Using groups also gives the ability to give access to a certain directory, but no access to a directory inside that.

Htpasswd Password Manager

A powerful script that allows you to add or delete a user from your htpasswd file directly through your web browser.

Cliff's Password Protector Script

By logging member's IP addresses, this script protects your site from "password sharing". This script will e-mail you when an account has been used by a large number of different IP addresses and can be set to automatically delete the account. SSI is required.

Google Search


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