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Title PS Automatic Bookmark
Platform Unix/Win
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - PS Automatic Bookmark
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Miscellaneous
Hits 744
Description PS Automatic Bookmark is a cgi script that will automatically pop up a "bookmark" suggestion box for new people that visit your site for the first time. This Script increase the percentage of Return TRAFFIC! Unlike using straight javacode, the script will not "annoy" regular visitors or people that return to your site by popping up the window every time they return. The first time a new visitor hits your "target page" the bookmark window pops up but never again. This is a great way to get your site bookmarked by more visitors. You can also execute the script by using javascript (eg: close window type scripts) so if they quit their browser the bookmark window pops up. Also a great way to collect custom 404 (page not found) traffic by redirecting to this script.


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