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Title PHPixie
Platform Unix, Win NT, Win XP
Price $19.95
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - PHPixie
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Image Galleries
Hits 526
Description PHPixie automatically generates dynamic photo albums on the fly - simply point the configuration file at a directory of JPG or PNG images and PHPixie will do the rest. PHPixie will dynamically create and label thumbnail images and cache them for extra speed. Final images can also be automatically labelled on the fly. Add an optional description.txt or caption.txt file to a directory to add full descriptions and captions. Directories may also be password protected, via an 'htaccess' style sytem. HTML templates are fully user-editable, and META tags can also be generated automatically, for compatibility with search engines such as htDig.


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Scripts Related to - PHPixie

Script Name

Link Your Pictures

This script will read all of the files in a directory, link all of the thumbnail pics to the full size pics and list them in html code for easy cut-n-paste use. It is customizable allowing the user to change the image tag hspace, vspace, and border size. It optionally will add the image height and width to the tags, and supports the use of multiple alt strings which are randomly used in each link.

ProtecRandomZoom Image

The same applet package as "ProtectRandom" (see above), but includes a built in Zoom/Pan feature which allows you to get a more detailed view of a specific image on a page. Does not require an image be isolated in a viewer to Zoom in or out. A very nice overall protection image application. Comes with full installation instructions, including sample images and base template. Requires some knowledge of HTML and applet installation.

Gallery Updater Script

Gallery Updater will automatically update a fresh gallery page every hour, every day or other desired scheduled updates. This script will find images from a pool of image directories, and automatically create required thumbnails.

Lucid Storm Image Gallery

A simple but powerful image gallery, with auto thumbnails and easy setup. You can control how many rows and columns the gallery has or say how many pixels wide it should be so wider thumbnails will fit in nicely. Thumbnails are created in ratio. This was formerly a commercial product.

Smart Picture Gallery (SPG)

SPG is an automated picture gallery. Install it, upload the photos and it's done. Thumbnails will be generated 'in-time' and you have full editing capabilities of your gallery page. You can also 'call' pictures from another server and insert them into your gallery. SPG also provides, security authentication (if you like your gallery to be private), Templates so you can change your gallery page 'face' whenever you wish and many other features you can find out at our website. SPG does not have any special requirements like MySQL or other. The only thing you need is the latest PHP version (and in some Windows servers, PHP gd dll's must be active).


TECAImage is a simple but yet powerful image gallery tool. It generate thumbnails of images inside a particular folder (and sub-folders) and show them in an organized way. TECAImage is very easy to install, just unzip the package under your image folder! To populate your image gallery, you just need to upload your image files and organize them in folders and sub-folders.

24 Update Cam portal Script

The script is a cam portal, with archives, where cam images are stored. It features a multi user interface and an admin panel where you can edit and add cams, edit countrys, and add/remove cams and categories. The scripts use PHP, mySQL and has only been tested on Linux. Features multiple language files, so users can select the right language to suite their needs.

JIG (Just an Image Gallery)

JIG (Just an Image Gallery) is a PHP-based image gallery that doesn't require a database. It still provides advanced functionality such as online maintenance of picture legends, authentication of users, restriction of access to certain galleries, ... Still in development (v.0.8) but already very useable - see for yourself! The relatively large filesize (411KB) is essentially due to the sample gallery that is provided.


Easy to install and to use, no Database needed. You have only to put the directory with the images in the same folder of the index page. Categories and Subcategories, images stats: size, added date, dimension and type. All image type supported!!

Just Another Gallery Script

Main features include date stamp, file name, file size, a great navigation bar, customizing of how many pictures to display per page and per row (of a table), counting different image files in a directory, and more. This gallery does NOT use SQL and is fast and reliable. It uses CSS to give a nice highlight effect. I designed this for use in conjunction with Photoshops Thumbnail creation which only outputs jpgs. The gallery shows a .jpg thumbnail for .gif files.

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