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Title PHPMyStats
Platform All
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - PHPMyStats
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Web Traffic Analysis
Hits 680
Description Get this script up and running in just 1 minute. Run install.php, just select your language, enter your database settings, and it's working. Lists visitors, averages, browsers, countries, screen resolution and bitdepth, referrers, OS, Plugins etc etc. Search function and more! Version 4 contains new language packs. If you want to translate PHPMyStats, goto for more information. (.zip file available at the site)


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Web site traffic statistics tool written in PHP 4. WebAnalyse doesn't use any databases, or Apache logs. Its reports include Web site statistics by day, week, month, and year, referer, host, IP, browser. The big advantage lies primarily in detail of each visit, you can follow the pages or articles which are visited on your site. WebAnalyse can be added very easily (2 lines of code has to add) on all the pages where you wish to follow the activity. Lot of changes for this new release V1.13, check the readmefirst to view all of changements.


Web-Analiser is a script to gather and analyze statistics of Website traffic. It provides the whole gamut of every possible statistics and reports, which analyze visitors, pages, and Website traffic. It is designed to operate both one and several domains (Websites) at once. The statistics are maintained, in which each Website dealt with separately and together. It includes a great number of statistical reports, making it possible to have a complete idea of your audience. System requirements: PHP and MySQL By using optimized , greatly packed data base you'll be able to keep and handle big data array quickly.

Avanti Web Stats by Liquid Frog

Avanti Web Stats Lite is the popular professional desktop/web-server application that allows you to monitor incredibly detailed stats from ALL your sites in just one place - right from your desktop! Providing a wealth of highly detailed information on your site visitors, this innovative approach makes Avanti Web Stats very popular with professional webmasters. Easy to set up and very simple to use and understand, Avanti Web Stats tells you everything you need to know about traffic to your sites and also tells you whether your sites are reachable by your visitors. Avanti Web Stats will constantly monitor all your sites and notify you immediately should a site become unavailable - it will even provide you with a hit counter for your pages. See how many hits you've had, where they've come from, at what times and see which operating systems your visitors are using, their screen resolutions, IP addresses, country of origin and much, much more. You can also search your stats by defining date ranges and view the data using text or charts. You can even track visitors right through your site to the exit page and, with highly detailed individual visitor tracking, you can see where you are losing your precious traffic and make changes to keep them on your site. Avanti is the Daddy of all web stats packages! Check our site for full details. UPDATE - Avanti Web Stats V1.1 now available with increased functionality.


Power Log lets you know who, what, where, when, any why people are visiting your website. Using a very fast MySQL db for its data, speed is no problem. Power Log can be used in almost any page, including an HTML page. Power Log helps you know how to create your website. For instance, take javascript. If all your advertisements are pop-up windows, and the majority of your visitors have javascript disabled, your advertisements will not be displayed that often, slashing your website's income. Power Log is similar to a script you would pay for. It has great support. Find a bug Use the form in the administration panel and we will fix this ASAP. Installation problems Simply e-mail us and we will reply within 24 hours. Installation takes only minutes. Just upload the files to your web server and run the included install script. Voila! Your ready to begin logging your visitor's information.


StatFast is a powerful and easy-to-install php script for web statistics. It doesn't need mysql. It provides user friendly graphical statistics and pages counting of your web site.

TrackPro Web Traffic Analyzer

TrackPro v1.0 is a free web traffic analyzer. Utilizing PHP and MySQL this script provides: 30 day traffic trends, entry page tracking, in depth visitor details, web browser summary, operating system summary, Referrer ranking summary, host ranking summary, search engine summary, search query summary. TrackPro also includes a Setup Wizard for easy installation.

MEC Stats

MEC Stats is a simple to install website traffic analysis program written in php. View total and averages broken down by hour, day, week, and month. View page rankings and details for each page on your website. View details about every visitor who visits your website. Trace the exact path that a users follows on your website. View bar graphs of visitor's browser's and operating systems. Get statistics on what search engines are leading visitors to your site and see what terms they are searching for. View bar graphs for hits and visitors during any day or month since MEC Stats have been running.

Webby - PHP web stats

Webby V2 is a statistics script like webalizer, only that it only needs PHP to run, it can record IP, DNS, Referers, Visits, Operating Systems, Browsers, Statistics are shown per hour\day\month, it has also a powerfull password protected admin area where you can control archives, archive compression, e-mail notification, force reset, cron jobs without cron, and many other things... Notice: this is a fixed version of webby V2 (reset mod and input/output bug are fixed, file leak-age problems and file confirmation fixed)

Website Traffic Statsistics

Marketing. Find out who visits your website, which pages they∆ve viewed, frequency daily/weekly/monthly/yearly/etc , who referred them, most popular browsers etc Over 30 different website traffic stats available for free.

MnM Stats

MnM Stats is a Web Site Statistics Program that records data on to a database based on the visitors system information and where they came from. It then displays it on to a well organized structure such as graphs and lists represented by bars and percentages, showing you the visitors currently visiting your web site (pin pointing exactly where they are); the latest visitors; where they came from; their system information such as OS, Browser and Hostname.

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