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Platform PHP 4.1.2 or higher.
Price Free (GPL)
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » File Manipulation » File Management
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Description PHPFM is an open source file manager written in PHP. It is easy to set up for a beginner, but still easy to customize for the more experienced user. The built-in login system makes sure that only people with the right username and password gains access to PHPFM, however, you can also choose to disable the login system and use PHPFM for public access. It can currently: create, rename and delete folders; create, upload, rename, download and delete files; edit text files; view image files; sort files by name, size, permissions and last modification date both ascending and descending; communicate in more languages.


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Scripts Related to - PHPFM

Script Name

TD - FTP access

TD - FTP access - This is a simple script that downloads a file from a FTP-Server to the directory this script is located at.


A file download/upload solution. Features: directory lister, anti-leech download script, upload script (optional) with file size limit, forced registration to download files (optional), interchangable icons for different file types, and much more. Does not use SQL database, all information is stored in DAT files. Comes with detailed installation instructions. Looks can be changed via. header and footer files.

File Thingie

File Thingie can do everything you want a web-based file manager to do. It only requires PHP 4, and everything is contained in one file. - Create/upload/rename/move/delete files and directories. - Sort on name/size/date - Show source of PHP and HTML files. - Edit text/HTML/PHP/CSS files. - Support for several languages - Easy design customization with a pure CSS layout. All options are easily configured in the file itself (if you for example don't want anyone to show source of PHP files, but only HTML.

Varengolor File Manager

A platform independent file manager that supports multiple languages and templates. For the 2.0 major release, the code was completely re-constructed.


File navigator with icons linking to the files via ftp. If you run a ftp server, this script will wrap the local browsing lists into your website design and link the files with your ftp url.


mod.ftpdb is a lan party ftp server list system where your guests can enter their server address and and it'll be shown on a list to the others on your intranet site. The code is just basic usage of php and mysql to store and recall data that was inserted via html forms. It also includes server status checking (set refresh time via crontab). Documents in English.

Obie Fileman

An useful file management with edit, rename, delete, CHMOD, download file, creat new file, multi files uploading, files group deleting, favourite dir list.... Easy configure your own virtual root dirrectory for script. There is only one file and it can be placed anywhere on your server with anyname you want.


Features: browse the FTP server; up/download files; copy/move/delete files and directories recursively on your FTP server; copy/move to a second FTP server; chmod and rename; edit code right from your browser; view code with syntax highlighting. Requires: PHP 4. MySQL is optional (for logging only). New IN v0.6: zip and download (1 select files; 2 press the Zip button; 3 download a zip archive containing those files); upload and unzip (1 upload a zip archive; 2 it is decompressed; 3 the files it contains are transferred to the FTP server); edit HTML in a WYSIWYG form.


PHPShare is a simple PHP File sharing script. It allows you to run a simple FTP type program in your web browser. PHPShare allows you restrict users to seperate directories and well as restrict the download speed. A screenshot available at the author's website!


QuiXplorer allows you to browse local directories on your webserver. It currently supports the following functions: Browsing Directories, displaying Name, Size, Type, Date & Permissions; Viewing & Editing Files (of supported mimetypes); Copying, Moving & Deleting Files & Directories; Downloading & Uploading Files; Creating (empty) Files & Directories; Searching for Files & Directories; Changing Permissions (UNIX style) for Files & Directories; User-authentication & management; Multi-language support: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian.

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