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Title PHP RSS Parser
Platform n/a
Price Free
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » XML and PHP
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Description RSS is RDF Site Summary. A technology used by netscape in their browser's channel function. This script gives you a PHP interface to read such feeds using the XML functions of PHP.


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Scripts Related to - PHP RSS Parser

Script Name


myxml is a PHP class to generate XML data files from generic SQL queries. myxml works with MySQL.

fase4 RDF/RSS Parser

fase4PHP RDF Parser is a class written in PHP to display RDF/RSS files on your Website. It features a caching function to store temporary RDF files on your server.

eZ xmlrpc

eZ xmlrpc is a PHP implementation of the XML-RPC spec. It enables distributed computing between different operating systems using different programming languages. The messages are XML-based and are transported via HTTP. It includes both the server and client classes and example code for the server.

SearchHippo HTTP XML web search API

This simple snippet allows you to interface with the SearchHippo web search engine's http xml api. You must have expat compiled in to use this snippet. You can layer mostly any presentation around the results that come back. This is very similar to how one might use SOAP.


phpXML is a class for accessing XML documents through the powerful XPath language WITHOUT requiring the DOM XML extensions to be setup on your server. With this script XPath becomes at last also everywhere available, where hosters refuse persistently to setup this extension.

XSLT sablotron extension in PHP4

The author notes "Since PHP4.0.3RC2 the sablotron extension for XSLT is shipped with PHP. I wrote therefore a most simple class, which should allow a basic understanding, of how it works."


class.xml.php is an extremely easy to use XML Tree and statistic parser. It uses PHP's XML functions for you, returning all the objects in the XML file in an easy to use Tree. It also can be used as a statistics-type program, as you can use the size() method to find out how many of each elements there are. class.xml.php requires PHP4.


rdfparse.php3 is a simple RDF/RSS parser written in PHP3 (though it should work just fine in 4). The parser makes use of PHP's XML routines, so you'll need to configure PHP with --with-xml to use it. rdfparse.php3 is currently being used at to provide wireless phone access to various popular websites.


This project is effectively a library class for reading/writing/displaying XML documents, for manipulating them in memory by adding/deleting/changing attribute values and child nodes, and for extracting specific nodes from larger XML objects. It is written entirely in PHP (as a file to "require"), and depends on no other software, tools, libraries etc.


Jonah is a set of scripts, written in PHP, to manage content and display for a portal-like site. It includes a backend which will fetch RDF/RSS/syndicated XML site summary or headline files, store them locally, parse them, and generate (and save) html from them. My.Netscape style RSS files and My.UserLand XML storylist files both appear to work. The frontend is extremely simplistic - it lists the available channels and lets you view the generated html for them.

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