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  • Eco Fresh Theme for Nuke 6.0 - Free
    The Environmentally friendly theme for nuke 6.0. With this theme you can help save the rain forest. The theme comes in lime green and has a nice clean feel, also this theme has more serious side to it where you can help out and save the worlds rain forests. The graphics are small and the file sizes are great. Originally made the theme for
  • Flash Games for Nuke
    Add Free Flash Funny and Games by into your Nuke site. Free to adjust and add more games by download from original website (miniclip).
  • Flash Photo Gallery - Freeware
    Flash photo gallery very usefull addon for your site. And make your site pretty cool. Working with xml file. If u like to cool flash photo gallery you have one now. Integrated for phpnuke.
  • Unsigned Band Web MP3 Radio Streamer - GPL
    Add great unsigned music to your php-nuke site. All songs are fed and don't occupy any space on your servers! Your visitors can choose a genre and listen to our Unsigned Bands while visiting your site! Plays mp3 songs in a stream. Let us know if you need to add or subtract genre's. To install, just place the block in your blocks folder and activate it. Everything else is handled for you! SUPER EASY TO INSTALL! Have Fun! *Just Released, Version 2.0! Your guests can now play Hi-Fi OR Lo-Fi songs! Also added new genre's! Visit our web site to see the new block in action.
  • Online Personals Block - Freeware
    Designerlove Online Personal is a very successfull online dating service. Add this block to your nuke site & start creating some residual income and help cover your time and bandwidth.
  • NukeSQL 7.3 Web Installer - Free (GPL)
    NukeSQL.php for PHP-Nuke 7.3 with the same security features of the last two installers. Main features include: Installation of all database tables through a web browser based point & click script Replace all tables option, allows you to start from scratch if your database tables become corrupted and no backup is available Upgrade from PHP-Nuke 6.0 (default or with Tom's phpBB port), 6.5, 6.6, 6.7, 6.8, 69, 7.0, 7.1 or 7.2
  • Enhanced Downloads Module - Free (GPL)
    Major options of this Module are: Description Images, Featured Downloads, Category Jump Menu, Custom Title images, Custom Footer images, Auto Validation, Forced Registration, and more. Installation is a snap with our simple upgrade file, which means no editing of the database is required. This version has the new SQL layering, Fetching Mod, more security fixes, and new admin options.
  • NukeCards for PHP Nuke
    This is a virtual postcard program writtin in PHP using MySQL database, for PHP-Nuke powered Sites. Requires: PHP (upper version 3.0.12), MySQL, basic understanding of php configuration, and PHP-Nuke 5.0 or better.
  • AutoTheme for PHP-Nuke - Free GPL/Commercial
    Create themes in HTML using your favorite editor, with no use of PHP. Full administration interface. Unlimited block positions (AutoBlocks). Customize every part of your PHP-Nuke site. Configure which blocks display and where, for each page. Features: Custom themes for each Module and Home page, Admin pages, User pages; Custom themes for Left Blocks, Right Blocks, Center Blocks and AutoBlocks; Custom themes for individual blocks by name; Control colors, style sheets and head content for every page; All needed files packaged as a module; Faster execution and render time; Command editor; Language editor. Multi-platform for PHP-Nuke, PostNuke, MD-Pro, eNvolution, CPG-Nuke, osc2nuke and osCommerce. Themes are portable without modification!
  • Newsletter Addon for PHP Nuke - Free (GPL)
    This is a newsletter addon for your PHP-Nuke Site. The users can subscribe and unsubscribe and get a confirmation message for subscribing. Language files in german, english, spanish, swedish, traditional chineese, french, dutch, norwegian, polish. Usable for PHP-Nuke 5.x. Text and HTML newsletters and an advanced admin section. All send newsletters will be saved with date, time and users, and you can also view your subscribers. Finaly integration in the normal admin menu. Insert alternate email sender for the newsletter. Insert stories and banners from your site in the newsletter. The Newsletter Module works with Nuke 6.5-7.x. If you use an earlier version you can mail me for an old version of the Script - which has less features.
  • BBC News with thumbnail - Free (GPL)
    Updated PHPNuke Block for getting BBC news headlines. Now with thumbnails of the top stories. Works with the new layout of the BBC news web site (as of 25 Feb 03). 2000 downloads on Jan 2004!
  • DaDaBIK for PHP-Nuke Vers. 7.1
    DaDaBIK Database Interface Module for PHP-Nuke (from version 6.5 onwards, tested on PHP-Nuke 6.x - 7.3) with additional functions such as user authentication and e-mail notification. DaDaBIK is a free PHP application that allows you to easily create a highly customizable Web form interface for a MySQL database in order to search, insert, update and delete records; all you need do is specify a few configuration parameters. -- * The primary-foreign key feature is now complete: it is possible to link a field of a table (foreign key) to a number of fields of another table (containing the primary key). The produced HTML select menu will have the linked field values as "options" and the primary key values as "values". This allow to use a normalized db design. * The "export to CSV" feature has been added: it is now possible to export the current result records to a CSV file. * It is now possible to order result records both in ASC and DESC.
  • Download3000 Extended Module - GPL
    This is an extended version of Download3000 module. With this module you can integrate a whole Download3000 software archive (almost 4000 articles) to your PHP-Nuke powered site within one minute. The best of all is the fact that you can earn money through the RegNow affiliate program. If users will buy software from your site you will earn commission. You need just register yourself at RegNow and add your affiliate ID to module's config.php. That's all. This Extended version integrates additional sections to your site: Top20 downloads, Latest additions and Advanced search so archive is fully searchable now. It also contains new Search block and modified Top10 block.
  • Unsigned Band Web Random Artist Block - GPL
    Looking to add some great music to your PHP-Nuke site The Unsigned artist block from will let you feature a random artist from our database in a small block on your site. Your visitors will be able to listen to a song and view information about the artist. Included info is: Artist name, picture, genre, song title, and a link to play the song. All songs are streamed from the Unsigned Band Web and don't occupy any space on your servers! To install, simply drop the block in your blocks folder and activate it.
  • Quran Module 1,2004 - Free (GPL)
    Quran Module is an addon for PHP-Nuke . It has orginal arabic verses and english translation. You can search entire quran by keywords or by verse and chapter number.It comes wth block as well which shows verses randomly. Excellent ,clean module.
  • MRWhois as PHP-Nuke module - Free (GPL)
    This is the PHP-Nuke module version of MRWhois. It is easy to install. Nothing has to be changed, just upload two files and you are ready to go. Instructions included.
  • PHP Nuke Lottery Addon - Free (GPL)
    This is a PHP-nuke 5.0 Module for starting lotteries from your site. You can create an unlimited number of lottery questions, and create multiple choice answers or answers with free text. You can activate or deactivate a lottery. You can have a closing date which will be checked automaticly. Every registered nuke user can give one answer per question. Language file in german, english and spanish. New in Version 1.10: Added ability to rename the module, Uses the standard lang-xxxxx.php file in it's own module/language directory, You can create prizes for each lottery where prizes can be assinged to a nuke user for every closed lottery, Sends a
  • PubVoice - GPL
    One rainy afternoon I was searching for a good shoutbox block for the canadian offiz and had to learn THERE IS NON OUT THERE. ;| No offense, but the shoutboxes for PHPNuke are pretty heavy and unecessary huge with lame smilies and stuff. Pretty soon I also remembered that I, for such a long time now, wanted to build a simple message and discussion board like on (btw. I truely love this site). Simply a noteboard with response features for all readers, which let's you see the topics listed by last activity, number of replies, publisher names, with a search function and that's it. added on some flash buttons and decant css stylesheet detection. simple, but effective. even though it uses iframes for the two boxes it has a detection for the older browser
  • Amazon Search Module - GPL
    This module uses RSS technology to search the database of via amazon's XML web services. The results are displayed within your site, with your graphic design, and with your associate id (referral tracking code). It doesn't require setup or new tables in the database - just unzip it in your /modules directory and activate through the admin menu of PHP-Nuke. To get your correct associate id to display, edit the beginning of the index.php file. The module is not entirely free - 5% of the results will return the developer's id. Please leave it that way. If you want to rename the module, just put it in a directory with a different name, and edit the title definition in the language file. The module comes with an English and Bulgarian language file.
  • BBC Sports block - GNU
    Gets the top 3 sports news from BBC with summary and thumbnails. Same concept as the BBC-News block. This version is for PHP-Nuke v6.5 (Version available for 5.6 also)

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