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Title PHP Meta Download Search Engine
Platform Linux, Unix
Price $35.00
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - PHP Meta Download Search Engine
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Search Engines
Hits 525
Description Sometimes you need to download and display your search results for later display or research purposes. The Meta Download Search engine will search the following popular search engines, and download your requested number of unique results either into a file or into a MySQL database for your later processing: Altavista, AlltheWeb, Yahoo, Google, and Dmoz. It is simple: Just one file to drop-in and run at the command line. You can open the program and edit it to choose which text file (CSV) or MySQL database and table you want to store the results in. You also specify the number of results. Expandability: You can easily and modularly add other search engines. If you need to add a custom module to search a special site (news, real estate, shopping) or another database, we can quickly create a new module for you.


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Scripts Related to - PHP Meta Download Search Engine

Script Name

PHP/SQL Query Search Parser

PHP/SQL Query Parser constructs SQL Search Statements based on input keywords. It is essentially a search engine script which supports advance search conditions such as AND,OR,NOT and Phrase Searches by means of "+", "-", '|' and double quotes. SQL Query generated is specifically for MySQL database, and the search works similar to top search engines such as Altavista and Google. Only 1 line of code can implement a powerful search engine in minutes instead of weeks.

Ascripts PPC Search Engine

APSE is a PHP/MySQL-based unique and feature rich script that allows you to run your own pay per click search engine service. You have full control over layout, functions and stats via header/footer files and HTML templates via an extensive control panel. Referral System and Advanced User/Admin stats included. Ecommerce enabled (Automated Payment Processing). Also features: user IP check, catch-all categories and keywords, include external search engine results, etc.


Triality is a php spider/crawler/search engine that doesn't use any database. Triality automatically searches up to 2 directories deep. Users can specify a specific path to perform the searches, and trinity will start digging down at that path instead of the main level. It can also be used as complete file listing for a website, and build the complete file tree. Also includes customizable results headers to make the output match your site. 2 versions available: one for linux, and one for linux/unix/etc. The latest version fixes 6 bugs, improved the speed, and gives file information for each search result.


PHPSearch is a search script which replies on no outside programs. The script indexes you site into a text database. You have the option of either indexing from meta tags or a full index of all words. Ideal for small to medium sites. With only a few lines of code to edit it is very easy to install. Options include the ability to excluded words/files from the index. Version 1.7.7 includes many more user friendly and helpful error messages and a couple of bug fixes.


Like the original Sasquach, this is a PHP search engine. Sasquatch2 adds the ability to search sub-directories. This is a no database search engine. It will search through any HTML, PHP or TXT files and display a page with matching results with links and the text. There are no requirments, just change a little code and you have a free search engine. Sasquatch2 also includes search options where users can select the content they wish to search. <b>Latest update:</b> Speed and Code Enhanced.


MAZOT is an easy-to-install, fast, self-running, site search engine written in PHP. It supports several different types of searches: Free Search, Case Sensitive Search, Whole Word Search, and Exact Match Search, Boolean Search. Several other features are supported. Features a nice formatted output. It is suitable for small to medium sized websites.


Sasquatch is a search engine that will crawl you site, and show relevant results. Its fast and easy to install on your website. It does not need any database of any kind. It also provides links to the hit results and a nice results page.

DGS Search

DGS Search is a PHP utility that provides an easy to install search utility capable of handling file and database searches on UNIX and Windows based platforms. This package is aimed at supporting the small to medium sized web site. DGS Search will work on any platform that supports a PHP enabled web server such as Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and Windows9x/NT/2000. DGS Search can search your website and can also search your MySQL, MSSQL, InterBase or ODBC database. A database is not required for operation.


siteIndexer is a PHP/MySQL-driven complex search and indexing system for small and medium sites. It allows you to index your web pages content and puts it to the database. Also, includes a script to perform searches throught the database.

PHP Search Engine (SEARCpHp)

PHP Search Engine is a full-featured search engine and indexer written in PHP. Features include: All PHP, indexing and searching, no reliance on outside programs; Index is text file, no dbms or databases; Index is completely portable, copy it to any machine using PHP and SEARCpHp, Unix or 'other'; You can index from file system, databases, the web, whatever (If you can access it in PHP, you can index it); Search Engine Math Syntax (-not +must), and Knows if you are using PHP3 or PHP4, and will utilize the proper code.

Google Search


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