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Title PHP IP blocker w/ time limit
Platform n/a
Price Freeware
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Website Visit Website of - PHP IP blocker w/ time limit
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Security Systems
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Description This is just a simple script that will log the IP address of anyone who accesses the page and the time the page was accessed and wont let them come back for a set time limit. You can set the time limit to whatever you want. This script will require that the log file have writable permissions (chmod 666).


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Scripts Related to - PHP IP blocker w/ time limit

Script Name

PHP Timed/view once Resource Protector

You can use this script along with your current log-in script. This script will allow you to restrict access to a particular file. The user can view the resource only once within a pre-set ammount of time. The username, password and date are written to a logfile. The script compares the username and password combonations for a match and determines if the alloted time limit has expired. If all is well the function returns back to your actual log-in script. There is a few configuration options like if you want to be notified if the user attempts to log-in a second time. The ipLogFile.txt file will need to have writable permissions (chmod 666) in order for the script to write the users data to the logfile.


Ever wonder where SPAMMERS get your email address even though you don't add it to mailing lists Believe it or not, there is software designed to work much like a normal "spider", except that they harvest email address to be sold. phpAK will currently block/log approximately 100 User Agents known to be malicious. These include email harvestors, and site rippers. As more UA's are developed, we intend to add them to new releases of phpAK. Currently phpAK will log to a MySQL database, and send you an email notification of User Agent activity it is designed to monitor.

STP PHP Code Lock

This script allows you to encrypt your PHP and HTML code. This script also encrypts your PHP output so if your PHP script displays results of any kind, it will be encrypted as well. You could be up and running within 10 minutes! Written in PHP/MySQL and comes with Unlimited Free Updates.

Street Beats Download Protection

This is a simple download protection script, that stops other webmasters linking to your downloads, and using up your bandwidth. Easy to set up.

Street Beats Swear Filter

This script was created to check strings for bad words and replace them with clean versions, make them italic and stand out in red. It can be used for anything. There are no example bad words included in this script. But I find this script very useful. ENJOY!!

PHP Script for IPTables & IPChains

Ever wonder how to create a firewall using the famous IPCHAINS or IPTABLES But just never wanted to go through the pain Well, with this small script, with-in just a few clicks your good to go! It makes a list of all open connections on your machine, as well as your IP Addresses. Then you select what you want open! Also supports adding custom ports!

1love en-de_coder

Enter some text to be en/de-crypted, Select en/de-cryption method from the menu, Click "Go!" Then optionally provide a subject, name and email address to send en/de-crypted message.

Human-Check v 2.0

The script shows secred digital code over some background image. If visitor can recognize the code and type it in the textbox -- we can assume he/she is human. Otherwise probably it is malicious script and access is denied. In this version we are no longer dependant if visitor has "cookies" enabled or disabled. Also execution time is faster than in version 1.0

Anti Leech File Gate

A.L.F.G is a sort of anti-leech technical, which mainly based on Browser Referrer and Cookie checking technologies. The advantage of A.L.F.G identifying to others is that A.L.F.G process file requirement as a transparence file gateway, whereas other anti-leech technologies need to cooperate with additional files. Also, A.L.F.G record every leech attempt and traffic byte, those record and setting can be viewed or checked in a Integrated console which come with the A.L.F.G.

Anti Leech File Gate

A.L.F.G is a sort of anti-leech technical, which mainly based on Browser Referrer and Cookie checking technologys. The advantage of A.L.F.G identifing to others is that A.L.F.G process file requerement as a transparence file gateway, whereas other anti-leech technologys need to cooperate with additional files. Also, A.L.F.G come with a Integrated console which allow you to check all the setting and statistics.

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