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Title PHP File Upload Class
Platform Windows, Linux, Unix
Price Freeware
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Website Visit Website of - PHP File Upload Class
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » File Manipulation » Upload Systems
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Description A class to handle file uploads with PHP. It features: allow or block file extensions; three different copy modes (consider existing files); detailed error reporting; filesize limit.


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Scripts Related to - PHP File Upload Class

Script Name


This class generates the form elements for a file upload and stores the uploaded files in a directory. You restrict the file size and the allowed file types easily. The uploaded file information is returned in an associative array.

B2 File Uploader

B2 File Uploader is an add-on for B2, the popular Blogger by Michael V. This script will upload your files (including images) from within B2 and then add the IMG SRC tags to your post automatically. This file is no longer needed because it has been included in b2 but if you need a sample file uploader, this will work well.


BlobHandler is a class set with many functions to handle file uploading/downloading with a MySQL database. BlobHandler stores all files as blobs into your database so you can easily display lists of all uploaded files for downloading. BlobHandler comes with example code.

HFT Uploader

A PHP class which will take care of file upload. Supports size and type restrictions. Very easy to use.

php Uploader

A small and simple file upload script. Download also possible, but the main purpose is to upload your file with ease. Deleting is also possible only if the user is the owner who uploaded or an administrator. To use php Uploader, Unzip and Upload it; Change file mode to 777; goto "http://yoursite/.../upload.php" Password is "test" or "adminpass".


XPPubWiz.php is a standalone PHP script acting as a server for the Microsoft Windows XP Web Publishing Wizard (a nice HTTP upload frontend). It requires no installation and nearly no configuration. Based on the Gallery XP Publishing Wizard implementation written by Demian Johnston and Bharat Mediratta, this script is a standalone reference implementation, meant to be a simple starting point for anyone interested in writing a server for the Publishing Wizard.

Up load file form

Real helpful script if you want to have visitors or only members upload files to your site via a form. An e-mail notification will be sent to you with the person's e-mail, file uploaded,and message. A link will be generated to show them the file uploaded on completion.

Mauro De Giorgi's PHP upload

A class to upload a file and create the thumbnail for images. The method returns the full path to the file to simply store it in a dbms like MySQL. v1.2: new New splitFilePath method, enhanced thumbnail generation, minor bugs fixed.

File uploader by Kieren Searle

A script that allows users to upload file types you specify. Quick and easy to set up.

Simple File Upload Script

This is a simple PHP script that enables the user to upload a file to an admin-specified directory on the webserver via an HTML form. Includes a demo HTML page with such a form in it.

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