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Title PHP ClassRoom
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Development Tools » Libraries and Classes
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Description PHP ClassRoom features a library of specific PHP classes. Available classes include: pageWeb, a web-fetching class; dumpObject which is used to dump and save objects to the server disk; smartArray, based on an associative array, offers many load methods and can generate tables, files, and now XML files etc... smartTable can fetch an html table from a web page and save it as an object. Updated: The smartArray class now supports XML, Some new classes are published, smartDB and smartRDF for parsing and create RSS news files. <br><br>French version: PHP ClassRoom propose une librairie de classes PHP originales. Certaines sont orientÚes vers le "web-fetching" comme pageWeb. D'autres sont d'usage plus gÚnÚrique, telle dumpObject, une classe qui permet de dumper et sauvegarder vos objets, trÞs pratique pour deboguer vos propres objets. smartArray est une classe basÚe sur une array associative. Elle prÚsente de nombreuses mÚthodes de chargement et peut produire des tables HTML, des fichiers et aussi de l'XML. smartTable peut capturer une table depuis une page web et la sauvegarder dans un fichier objet. Dernieres classes: smartDB pour les donnees SQL et smartRDF pour interpreter et creer des fils de news.


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PSLib for PHP

PSLib is a class for easy generating postscript files. Look the included example file (historico.php3) to see how simple is generating ps files using the pslib.


DX0 is true, cross-browser DHTML delivered by PHP. The acronym DX0 originates from this concept: [D]ynamic HTML [X]ross-Browser with Zer[0] Unused Code. DX0 is not just an DHTML library for PHP, but it sniffs the browser on the server-side and delivers specific code for the user's browser and version. Thus, Netscape users won't have to download code with Internet Explorer functionality that won't ever be used. And vice versa. v1.1 update: DX0 now allows reusable cross-browser widgets to be stored in a binary pickle, so scripters in any of the supported languages can use them. IE4+, NS4+, and Mozilla M14+ have all been tested and work well.


mklib.php is a PHP library to make building web applications easier. Example functions are processing data before inserting into a database and formatting date/time strings for display. This library should work with both PHP3 and PHP4. The Web site also features installation and usage information.


Date_Calc is a calendar class used to calculate and manipulate calendar dates and retrieve dates in a calendar format. It does not rely on 32-bit system date stamps, so you can display calendars and compare dates that date pre 1970 and post 2038. Some of Date_Calc's features: comparing number of days between arbitrary dates, validating dates, calculating leap years, calculating the day of the week, calculating week of the year, calculating first and last days of the month, calculating next/prev week day, and calculating arrays of days for use in calendar displays.


PHP::HTML is a set of PHP classes that implements a DOM style approach to HTML documents. The document is an object which contains DOCTYPE, head, styles and body, each of those can contain one or more children, they can be text, tags, or even complex "widgets", such as tables, forms, SideBars, menus, or even a calendar.


php_webtools is a collection of useful tools and classes to help in the construction of "enterprise" web applications. Many classic GUI "widgets", such as the GTK "notebook" are implemented here as extensible classes.


class.gzip_encode.php is a php class to gzip encode served content to reduce size.


class.browser.php is a class of functions that is designed to make it easy to download web pages for numerous uses, including for web crawling. It extends the functionality of the PHP function fsockopen, as well as adds string parsing functions to make numerous jobs easier.


class.dbconn.php is a php class for managing database connections, allowing you to simplify a database access. The example uses PosgreSQL, but you can easily modify it for other databases.


class.id3.php is a PHP class for manipulating mp3 id3 tags by allowing you to read and write MP3 ID3 tags.

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